Mom Is Almost in Tears over Kids’ Tantrums – Kind Stranger Comes and Hands Her $100 and a Note

A mother was struggling to get her child behave. She received help from a stranger, whose actions restored her faith in humanity and made her day memorable.

Parenthood can not be all roses and sunshine. It can be difficult, exhausting, and frustrating for anyone new to the experience. Even those who have been through it a few times before can still feel overwhelmed, especially if one of their children is having a meltdown.

It can be difficult to manage a meltdown and parents want it to not happen in public. It happens, and although it can be embarrassing, it has its benefits.

Devon Linden’s story is an example of how advantage works. After meeting another woman, the devoted mother found her faith in humanity restored when she was handed a note by her friend and told her to keep her head high.


Devon Linden is a mother to two children. She takes them to swimming every week, but on this particular day, it wasn’t going as smoothly. She :

“I was really honestly near tears just as a mom, trying to keep it together, and get my kids out of there.”

The swim practice was tough and she had to take care of her two young children. She continued swimming until one of her children started throwing tantrums as she left.

It was a complete meltdown and Linden had been struggling to handle it. Linden was about to cry when a kind, polite, good-samaritan came out of nowhere with a note along with a verbal pick me up.

Linden was touched and moved by this act of kindness. She was happy that, in her moment of vulnerability the stranger didn’t judge her, her kids or her parenting and instead decided to bless Linden.

Linden speaking in an interview | Source: Youtube/5NEWS


Linden didn’t check the note until she got in her car, but she was surprised when she did. There was a $100 note inside the note, along with a few precious lines. It Please read:

“Your life and purpose is huge!! Life is so precious. Every day is a gift, so make it count. Enjoy!!”

The words tugged at her heartstrings and opened Linden’s eyes to the possibility of shedding the tears she had struggled with control of a few moments earlier. Linden was stunned by the kindness shown her by a stranger.

Linden holding the note | Source: Youtube/5NEWS

Source: Youtube/5NEWS| Source: Youtube/5NEWS

The stranger, unknowingly, had greatly influenced Linden by her kindness. This left the mother-of-2 with a strong desire to be that kind of mother and person in the future.

Linden says she now focuses more on being a good samaritan and keeps her eyes open for the next decade.

Linden holding the note and the $100 bill | Source: Youtube/5NEWS

Source: Youtube/5NEWS| Source: Youtube/5NEWS


Linden realized deep down that she wanted to share the kindness lesson she learned that day with her stranger friend. Linden stated that her children would learn from her to show grace and kindness in times of vulnerability.

She also plans to keep doing acts of kindness, and hopes that the sentiments will spread quickly throughout Northwest Arkansas. Linden will be forever grateful to the woman that blessed her and restored her faith, humanity.

The proud mother thanked the stranger, saying that she didn’t judge her or see her at her lowest. She instead gave her exactly what she needed. This allowed her to be a good mother and person for the remainder of her day.

Linden’s tale shows that even a small act of kindness can make a big difference.


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