Mom falls unconscious, gets help from her 3-year-old son and his knowledge of emergencies from a cartoon

When a toddler from the United Kingdom saw his mother fall, he reacted in a way that surprised people. He was able to get help and his remarkable knowledge came from an unlikely source. 

Parents often criticize their children for the amount of time they spend in front of the television screen or watching videos online. Children are often told that they waste their time. However, there are some remarkable exceptions. 

The screen time of a 3-year-old was very usefulHe was at home alone with his mother when he lost consciousness. He was able to help her by watching a Youtube cartoon. Read their inspiring story! 

An emergency contact number is dialled by someone in the UK. | Source: Shutterstock


Kayleigh Boffey went upstairs to get her son a new pair of clothes. She took a very dangerous tumble And she landed on the floor, hitting her head. 

Her three-year old son, who was also unconscious, was the only one who could help her. The mother Detailed explanation:

“I remember shutting the stair gate, and the next minute I knew I woke up speaking to someone on the phone, and then the police were in the house.”

Despite his young age, the toddler acted in the best way possible. He enjoyed watching. Robocar Poli, a Youtube series about a fire engine, ambulance, and police car that respond to emergencies—little did he know how much the series would help him. 


The South Korean animation series taught Thomas Boffey a few valuable skills that children are usually not aware of. Instead of Panic attacks or freezing in shock can cause panic and crying, he found a phone and called 999 (Britain’s equivalent to 911).

Morgane Amphlett, an emergency operator, was told by the three-year old what had happened. Be informed her that his “mommy fell upstairs.”Amphlett directed the youngster not to speak but to hold on to his mom’s hand.

The mother had regained consciousness and was now in a stable state. In pain and unable moveWhile she waited, the ambulance arrived. Her brave son was also able to navigate his childproof baby gate, and locate their house key. 

She got the help she needed

Thomas was able to open the door for the emergency workers who could tend to his mother in a timely fashion. Kayleigh was proud to have had her son.She was grateful that he provided the assistance she needed.

In the hospital, she was treated for injuries to her ankle, hips, shoulder, knees, knees, and knees. Her fall was due to the discomfort caused by an enlarged spleen and hernia. 

The mother was on her way to recovery, and that was a good thing. She :

“He’s like a mini superhero and, especially for his age, it’s really amazing how he knew what to do, and he understood and didn’t get scared.” 


The day was saved by a little heroHis actions were a lesson for other parents. Kayleigh gave the West Midlands Police permission to share the audio Clip detailing the encounter between Thomas and Amphlett. 

Even though the youngster was confused at first, his quick actions and ability to call emergency service made a huge difference. Kayleigh hoped that Kayleigh’s story would help parents understand the importance of teaching children how to handle emergencies.

She Noted

“I want people to know what my son did and how important it is to learn kids what to do if anything happens in an emergency.”


The average three-year old would not be able respond in the same way., and Thomas deserved all the praise he received. His quick thinking and swift actions impressed many and many people applauded him for his bravery.

When his mother was taken to the hospital, police drove him to his great-grandmother Rita Waldron. As a reward, officers allowed him to control flashy lights. 

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