‘Molly Mae is a wolf disguised in sheep’s skin – but she’s far from the only Thatcherite influencer’, Liam Gilliver

If Molly-Mae Hague’s comments, which Liam Gilliver believes are accurate, the Love Island villa will be a Tory hotspot where the talented and unskilled can get rich. It will also allow sweatshop workers to make more money.

“What Molly-Mae really means is – the more you are willing to exploit someone, the richer you can be”

Molly-Mae Hague rose to fame during her stint on Love Island – where she worked really hard to numb the nation’s brains with her hetero banter and mundane taste in men who all look the same.

Molly-Mae landed a series of lucrative deals after she left Villa, in an outfit stained by sweat from an exploited teenager living hundreds miles away.

In fact, according to reports, the star was earning a staggering £11,000 a week between August 2019 and August 2020, all thanks to partnerships from brands such as PrettyLittleThing.

Fast forward a year and Molly Mae announces that she is now the creative director of PLT. She did this after selling her soul in exchange for a seven figure deal.

Molly-Mae Hague sparked fury when she claimed that everyone has the same 24 hours in one day.



She was accused of being tone deaf and not recognising the privileges she has


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From then onwards, the influencer was often draped in £37,0000 Cartier Bracelets and Prada’s Mono Combat Boots (the one people fork out £1,100 for to show people they can afford Prada).

And with her new-found style – we’ll call it ‘Look at me, I’m rich’ – Molly-Mae also found a startling discovery.

The filler-free celeb was buried in physics books, peer-reviewed journals and other science publications. One simple sentence made a profound impact on the science world.

“We all have the same 24 hours in a day”.

Of course, you’ll probably know that Molly-Mae was actually talking about people who live in poverty, who aren’t handed seven-figure deals or gifted gold and diamonds, who have to show up to the food bank after working at the hospital all day to feed their kids. You know, lazy people.

“‘You’re given one life and it’s down to you what you do with it. You can literally go in any direction,” Guru Hague said.

“I’ve been criticised for speaking about it in the past. Some people said that they found it easy for me to say that, because I didn’t grow up in poverty, and that for me to sit there and pretend that we all have the exact same 24 hours per day, isn’t correct. Technically, I believe what I am saying is true. We do.”

Molly-Mae said that she understands that people are sometimes poor, but that it was not her fault. “if you want something enough you can achieve it”.

Within seconds, the internet was flooded with the comment. People saw that Molly-Mae is a wolf in sheep’s clothing; someone who makes her millions by running a company that has been accused of modern day slavery, which pays their staff pennies.

Molly-Mae claimed she knew that people wouldn’t enjoy her remarks before she spoke them

Molly-Mae’s real meaning is that the more you exploit others, the better off you will be. But Molly-Mae isn’t the only out-of-touch influencer.

We have created a society which gives an opportunity to those who are under-educated or over-privileged. We gave Molly-Mae, and all other Instagram stars, the tools they needed to accumulate insane wealth.

It was a long time ago. Remember when Zoella sold 12-year-old girls a £50 advent calendar for Christmas? Or when Made In Chelsea star Toff claimed on First Dates that her parents had never given her anything on a plate (guessing private school doesn’t count).

The Love Island villa is set to become a Tory hotspot, where the talentless can get rich and sweatshop workers will hustle harder – where Thatcherites are tricked with fake tan fillers to think people actually care about social and political ideals.

So please don’t allow Molly-Mae and all the other influencers to make more money. Stop supporting their unethical businesses and stop trying to be them.

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