Modder gets ‘Doom’Running on ‘Doom’

DoomFor many years, has been the standard for hacking software. But modder Kgsws now has a way to make it work. DoomRunning on Doom.

Sharing the instructional video on his YouTube channel, Kgsws reveals there’s a code execution exploit inside the original DOS DOOM 2executable which can be used in order to run the more current versions Chocolate DoomVia Hackaday).

By manipulating the in-game memory, he’s able to insert whatever he likes into the game – including a second version of Doom, which runs independently of the first.

Then he goes on to play HereticWithin DoomBefore adding coloured red, coloured lighting and palette-shifting to the mix, you should also consider fogging. Doom.

“So umm… Isn’t this one of the biggest things to ever happen to vanilla Doom? Like, the biggest thing? How did this happen just like that? I cant believe this is real,”One fan. “I remember that only a few short years ago we were making working calculators in Doom that displayed results in binary, and thinking how cool that was. Here we are, putting Doom inside Doom. Man, how far we’ve come. Doom mapping/modding community is nuts,”Another replied.

The source code to some DoomOn DoomYou can take action Here.

This year, it was earlier. Doom designer and godfather of the first-person shooter, John Romero, announced that he will be releasing a memoir next year.

“To sum it up, it’s a positive story of gratitude for a life in games. Code and games changed the trajectory of my life. I cover everything in detail, including lessons learned,”Romero. Doom Guy: Life as a First Person It will be released January 10, 2023.

In other news Dead or alive creator and Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki has announced the launch of Apex Game Studios, which will focus on NFTs and the Metaverse.


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