Missing hiker’s body found in Griffith Park with dog by his side

According to authorities, a hiker who was reported missing two weeks back was found dead in Griffith Park along with his dog.

Oscar Alejandro Hernandez was reported missing on March 16th. His body was found in a remote part of the sprawling urban park on Thursday night. King, the dog that he was with, was found alive but in a state of shock.

He apparently hadn’t left Hernandez’s side for two weeks, a relative reportedly said. According to Sgt. Ruben Arellano is a watch commander at Griffith Park station.

Hernandez was last seen near the park merry-go-round’s hiking trails, according to a missing person flier posted by his family.

The cause of his death is still unknown. Arellano stated that there is no reason for suspecting foul play.


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