Millions of Samsung Galaxy owners need to be alerted that a pre-installed app could allow hackers to take control of their phones

MILLIONS OF Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners are at risk of a security breach.

Android version 9-12 users are at high risk


A security attack has been launched against some Samsung smartphone usersCredit: AP

Researchers at Kryptowire published a report detailing how they discovered a serious vulnerability in the pre-installed Phone app across multiple models that could enable a hacker to take control of someone’s phone, Forbes reported.

Controls could include making calls, a factory reset, and installing or deleting apps.  

Unauthorized users could gain access to this information if they install any third-party apps that have been altered. “mimic the system-level activity and hijack critical protected functionality,”According to the Kryptowire report.

All Samsung smartphones have the Phone app installed.

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It had an insecure component which allowed apps without system privileges to use those privileges without user intervention.

Although the full extent of the attack on smartphones is not known, researchers were able test a Samsung Galaxy S10+ as well as a Samsung A10e during compromise testing.

The vulnerability of a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 8 has been found.

Unfortunately, anyone who has a Samsung smartphone running Android version 9 or higher is at risk.

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Forbes reported that a patch was released as part of the February 2022 security release program.

The owner is protected as long as the device shows the February security patch level.

Not everyone will have updated or have been able to do so, so it’s important to check if the device needs an update.

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This information is available in the phone’s settings app.

The Sun reached out Samsung for comment.

Samsung smartphone users are protected from a security threat if their phone has been updated with a security patch level of February or later


Samsung smartphone users are protected against security threats if the security patch level has been upgraded to February or laterCredit: Getty
Samsung smartphone running Android version 9 and onwards is likely to have been vulnerable to a security attack


Samsung smartphones running Android version 9 or later are likely to be vulnerable to security attacksCredit: Getty

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