Millionaire’s Son Follows Poor Little Girl Who Takes His Leftovers from Restaurant Every Day — Story of the Day

A young, wealthy man follows a little girl who asks for his leftovers and eats at luxury restaurants every day.

Sam Farmer had a simple life. Every morning, Sam Farmer got up and checked his social networks. Then he got up and went to lunch.

Yes, lunch. Sam rarely woke before 11:01. Sam told people that his Circadian cycles were changed, but in reality, he was simply lazy. He was able to afford it. His father was among the most wealthy men in the state.

Sam seemed to be unlikely to change and mature into a responsible, mature man — but that was before Nina Vale came along.

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Sam’s dad was self-made, and Sam’s commitment to doing nothing has shocked him. Unfortunately, Sam’s transformation was due to Mr. Farmer. He knew it.

Sam’s mother had died in his youth, and Mr. Farmer tried to make up for it by spoiling him. Sam became fickle, lazy and irresponsible because of this.

He was a huge spender on shoes and clothes that he rarely wore. His father shared a mansion with him and had a chef who cooked for him every day.

Do not accept the easy way of life.

Maison Umberto was the place he always had lunch. Although the restaurant was expensive, it was the place Sam went to for lunch.

Sam entered Umberto’s, and he headed to his table on the terrace overlooking sea. Signor Umberto took his order. Sam waved and said, “I don’t know WHAT I want! Bring me the whole menu!”

Sam tried a few bites of this and that before he finished his meal. When Sam was about to call his waiter to get rid of the leftovers, someone stopped him.

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

“Excuse me,”A child’s voice spoke. “Are you going to eat that?”

Sam turned to see a little girl eight years old with big brown eyes looking at him. “Eat what?”Sam.

The girl raised her hand to the laden table. “All THAT.”

“Oh, no,”Sam said. “I’ve had quite enough.”

“Can I have some?”The girl asked.

“You can have whatever you want,”Sam said. “But it’s probably cold now. I don’t know about you, but I hate cold food!”

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Sam looked at the child as if he were crazy. “It’s good food!”She pointed out. “Aren’t you hungry?”

“Oh,”Sam felt somewhat embarrassed. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m very hungry,”The girl spoke with an urgent sincerity in her voice.

“Take what you want,”Sam said and the child came forward to help scoop the food into plastic bags. Sam smiled at her and she went off to scoff.

Sam was not happy about the incident. Sam kept thinking about the little incident. Her large eyes, her thin skin, and her question: “Aren’t you hungry?”

Sam was certain that he’d never been hungry. Sam was always hungry, although he had been hungry before. He saw that the little girl was quite familiar with hunger.

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He was finishing his lunch the next morning when the child suddenly appeared. “Hello,”She said.

“Hi,”Sam responded. “How are you?”

“I’m very well, thank you,”The girl spoke politely. “Are you going to finish that?”She pointed to a huge mound of lasagna, glistening in melted cheese and basil.

“No,”He replied. “You can have it if you like.”

He received a big smile from the child and quickly put the lasagna into a bag. Sam waited until the child turned her back, then he quickly followed her.

The girl leapt the railing on the terrace and ran into the gardens. Sam kept his distance so that she didn’t see him but he made sure to keep an eye on the thin figure darting through the trees.

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Sam followed the child to an abandoned lot. The little girl was heading towards a rusty trailer on bricks.

He watched as she opened her door and entered, still holding the bag with the food. He knocked at the trailer’s front door a few minutes later. The door opened after a long silence.

Sam looked at the girl with scared eyes. “What do you want?”She asked. “Go away!”

“I won’t hurt you,”Sam spoke softly. “I was worried about you. Are you alone?”

“No,”The girl replied. “My brother is here.”Another large-eyed child looked out the window. The second child was about five years of age!

“Where’s your mom?”Sam asked.

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“Dead,”The girl spoke abruptly. “My dad too. Everyone is dead.”

“Not me!”The boy wept. “You have me, Nina!”

“Nina?”Sam asked. “Is that your name? Why are you two here on your own?”

Nina shrugged and replied, “Johnny and me got put in foster care, but the people who took us were nasty. They only wanted the money, so I took Johnny and ran away. We do OK; we don’t need grownups hitting us and screaming!”

“But you go hungry,”Sam pointed out the problem gently. “And not all grownups are like that; my dad isn’t like that.”

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

Nina was bitter beyond her years. “Then you’re very lucky,”She said. “I hope you know how lucky you are!”

“Do you have any brothers?”Johnny.

“Nope,”Sam said. “I always wanted one, but my mom died…”Sam was struck by a brilliant idea. “Pack up your stuff. You’re coming with me!”

Mr. Farmer was stunned to see his son arrive in the hospital with two filthy, scrawny children. But Sam explained everything to him and he was able to get on with his business. “I know the director of Child Services,”He stated. “I’ll give him a call!”

Sam’s life was completely turned upside down when Mr. Farmer adopted Nina, Johnny and Nina. He didn’t wake up at 11:00 anymore, but he woke at 6:00 to get up with the children for breakfast and to drive them to school.

Sam returned to college as a role model to his siblings and became the greatest big brother anyone could have ever known.

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Source: Unsplash| Source: Unsplash

What can we take away from this story?

  • Do not take your easy life as a given. Sam was lazy and complacent until the moment he saw children starving and beg for leftovers.
  • Caring can make a huge difference in our lives. Sam was a caring person who changed Nina’s life and Johnny’s. It is easy to look away and make little difference.

This story is worth sharing with friends. This story might inspire and brighten their day.

This story is about a wealthy man’s 16-year-old daughter who marries a poor man, and ends up on the streets with her four kids.

This piece was inspired by stories from our readers’ daily lives and is written by a professional author. Any resemblance with actual names or locations is just coincidental. Illustrations are provided for illustration purposes only. Share your story with us; maybe it will change someone’s life. Send your story to [email protected] if you’d like to share it.


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