Millie Bobby Brown Wants to Play Halsey in a Biopic

Halsey shared some thoughts with Jimmy Fallon regarding who would play them in the movie version. The Tonight Show.

“I know the answer,” Halsey confirmed to Fallon when he asked who they’d cast as themself in a feature film. The singer joked that Fallon was the best casting. Fallon shared a photo of Halsey in Eleven costume. Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown portrays the role of Millie.

“I mean, yeah, Millie would be great,”Halsey confirmed. “But I don’t really think I’m famous enough to cast Millie.”They also added “It’s kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It’s like, ‘Oh no, we actually just look like sisters.’”

Fallon spoke with Halsey about the possibility of him returning to the road to support the Love and Power Tour. It runs through July. “Best Friends Challenge,”Fallon and Fallon had the task of guessing information about each other.

Halsey recently appeared at the Governors Ball Festival in Queens, New York, where they performed a cover of Kate Bush’s resurgent “Running Up That Hill.”Due to its placement in the newest season of Singles Charts, the 1985 single is enjoying a renewed run at #1 on singles charts around the world. Stranger Things.

“Truly wish I wrote this song more than anything in the world,” Halsey TweetOf “Running Up That Hill”After the performance. “I’m soooo happy it’s having this resurgence. I knew immediately I wanted to do this.”


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