Miley Cyrus Makes Surprise Appearance on ‘SNL’ During Billie Eilish Episode

Miley Cyrus must be on Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels’ speed-dial because she made another appearance on the show this weekend, briefly taking some thunder from the host and musical guest Billie Eilish. Cyrus starred in the “Christmas Cards” sketch, in which a couple played by Alex Moffat and Melissa Villasenor caught up with their friends through the Christmas cards they received. This was Cyrus’ second appearance on the show this year, following her time as a musical performer for Elon Musk’s episode in May.

At the start of the sketch, Moffat came home to find Villasenor proud of how she arranged their Christmas cards on their refrigerator. They do know a lot of people, many of whom are very weird. One card featured Villasenor’s friend Ruth (Punkie Johnson), whose card included a photo of her with Cyrus.

“What better way to remind you that I met a celebrity at a restaurant 11 months ago than with my Christmas card?” Ruth asked. Cyrus didn’t look too comfortable, noting that Ruth only knew her as “Hannah Montana” and said she was racist if she didn’t pose for a photo with her. “So I guess, ‘Merry Christmas from Miley and…” Cyrus then trailed off. “You don’t know my name? You’re racist!” Ruh said.

Cyrus did not appear in any other sketches, but she did stay for the entire show. She was there when Eilish said her goodnights, alongside her brother, Finneas. She even posted a photo from the set on Instagram. “Lorne Michaels is bringing back The Three Amigos. Starring,” Cyrus joked.

Finneas also joined Eilish for both of her musical performances. He also played multiple roles in the “Hotel Ad” sketch. During the pre-taped “TikTok” sketch, Finneas popped in as an influencer briefly.

When Cyrus stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, she revealed a secret close tie with SNL cast member Pete Davidson. The two got matching tattoos to honor “The Baby Step,” a music video in which they both played rapping babies. Larry David was the host that week, and he interrupted the music video, puzzled by what everyone else was doing.

“At the end, our excuse for it all, you know, Larry David said, ‘What is going on?’ And we said, ‘We babies.’ And for some reason, we looked at each other and were like, ‘That’s a great tattoo,'” Cyrus recalled. Davidson then texted his tattoo guy, who rushed down to Rockefeller Plaza to give them their matching tattoos. Davidson has since removed his, but Cyrus still has it on her wrist.

SNL Season 47 only has one more episode before the end of the year. Paul Rudd will host the Dec. 18 episode, with Charli XCX as musical guest. SNL airs at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.


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