Mike Rowe reveals why he changed his mind about a reboot of ‘Dirty Jobs. (Exclusive).

Mike Rowe had no idea that he would return to Dirty JobsIt was almost a decade since its original run. Rowe returned to dirty work almost a decade after its initial run. However, the Discovery show’s legacy lives on. Rowe was able to rely on his fervent fan base to continue the legacy. The host Founded by mikeroweWORKSOpened up about the new version of Dirty Jobs PopCulture.com before Sunday’s all new episode. 

“You ever go back to your old high school? Everything is familiar but strange,”Rowe spoke of his desire to return to Dirty Jobs. WhileIt’s the Way I Heard It The podcast host said he wouldn’t do a series reboot despite how much he loved it. “genuinely dubious about the wisdom of crawling back in the ring”Age 59 “This is a young man’s show,”PopCulture was amused when he added an additional note. “I was mostly just concerned that people wouldn’t know why I was doing it. Like I have nothing else going on.”

Rowe, however, realized over time how important a home was Dirty JobsIn 2022. The message of the Message of the Across America is clear: 11 million jobs are available in the U.S. without a four-year degree, a global pandemic, $1.7 trillion in a growing student debt crisis and 11,000,000 open jobs. Dirty JobsThe mikeroweWORKS foundation caught up to headlines about essential workers. “That’s ultimately what did it for me,”Rowe shared his thoughts with PopCulture.

“When you talk about essential workers, you end up implying that millions of people are not essential,”He explained. He explained. Dirty JobsHe hopes that people see this. “all work is connected, all jobs are connected,” noting, “You can’t cherry-pick chunks of the workforce and elevate them falsely or ignore them.”

The mikeroweWORKS foundationEvery year, half a million dollars is given as scholarships to students who are interested in learning valuable trades. “You can’t really talk about the definition of a good job unless you also talk about the definition of a good education,”PopCulture heard from him. “and this idea that the best path for the most people is the most expensive path, the path to a four-year degree, that’s just a dangerous fiction.” Dirty JobsSundays at 8 p.m. ET. ET on Discovery 


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