Michelle Duggar Roasted as Awkward Scene with Josh Resurfaces

Michelle Duggar, an ex-TVL star, is being roast after a throwback 19 Kids & Counting Scene was uploaded online. Fans are snickering as the video circulates. What happened between Josh and Michelle during the awkward clip? Read on to find out all about it.

It’s not uncommon for Duggar fans to dig up old clips from TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting  Keep Counting. Although the shows are over, clips of them can still be found on YouTube or other sites. In the past, fans have rewatched episodes of the shows and criticized the family’s actions or words.

As we reported, Jim Bob Duggar’s parenting skills were called into question in one scene. Fans and critics agree that the most recent clip of Michelle and Josh resurfacing is very strange.

Josh & Michelle Duggar’s awkward scene resurfaces online.

An old ClipThe online resurfacing of Josh and Michelle Duggar is now possible. In the video, Michelle revealed that it was the last time she would be shaving the back of Josh’s neck. He did this shortly before Anna Keller was married. Michelle felt quite emotional about this milestone. In the video, she shaved her son’s neck as he sat in the bathroom.

Michelle Duggar confessed to her emotions in a confessional “Realizing that that was the last time I’d be helping Josh shave the back of his neck, it was just kind of a special moment. I love you, Josh.”

TLC, 19 Kids & Counting, Josh and Michelle Duggar

Fans of Duggar roast the mother and her son.

The clip has left fansAnd critics talking about how awkward the mother and son’s relationship is. Some described Michelle as being “overbearing” and “weird.”

One said they were scared. Others claimed that they also cringed at the moment Josh and Michelle Duggar shared.

Michelle Duggar, Duggar family Instagram
Duggar family Instagram

Some Duggar fans and critics thought this scene said a lot about Josh’s relationship with his mom and that they aren’t very close to each other at all. Someone commented. “Such an awkward scene. They didn’t seem to know what to say to each other.”

There is another, “It is performative. It is what she thinks parents who actually parent care about.”

You can Check out this clip. It was viewed as odd and uncomfortable by both fans and critics by the Duggar clan.

She seems so out of touch with everything.Starting at DuggarsSnark

What do you think about this moment between Michelle Duggar’s son Josh and her? Leave your comments below and please come back to TV Shows AceFind out more about the Duggar Family.

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