Michael Gove Spotted On Dating App Bumble


You may get the odd shock when you find a friend or ex when swiping left or right, but you’ve definitely never had as much of a heart attack as finding Michael Gove on your latest Bumble scroll.

The current Secretary of State may not have added a few inches to his height on the app, but if he was hoping to have found love in Manchester, he should probably have left out the fact he’s a Tory MP.

While he was visiting the city for work and not initially pleasure for the Conservative Party’s Conference, Gove clearly had other plans in mind for his trip up North, uploading a pic in shades, a silk scarf and a (very sensible) rain jacket, in the hopes of finding a match.

Michael Gove - Manchester, UK. 5th October, 2021. MP Michael Gove is confronted by protesters outside the Tory Party Conference. Manchester, UK. Credit: Barbara Cook/Alamy Live News Alamy

When the fellow Bumbler first spotted Gove on the platform, they told JOE how they initially thought the profile ‘was a fake’. ‘But then I noticed that his profile was verified and his location said he was in Manchester, which made sense when I realised that he was where the Tory conference was,’ she explained.

Proving that age is just a number and that Tory MPs can clearly keep up with the changing times, three out of four of Gove’s Bumble photos are selfies. His fourth photo showing an insight into a personal hobby: playing bowls.

Gove even showed that despite the serious nature of being an MP, his sense of humour is still alive and kicking, finishing the Bumble line, ‘After work you can find me…’ with ‘Doing more work’.

Despite his ability to throw a few puns and dance the night away in clubs in Scotland, Gove also notes on his profile how his political views align with ‘conservative’. Another string to his bow is the fact he even has an undergraduate degree.

However, giving away his age slightly are his answers to others of the platform’s questions, such as ‘If you saw the targeted ads I get, you’d think I was… Loaded, but sadly that isn’t true’.

Hilariously, Dr Elesha Vooght, a dating and wellness expert, analysed Gove’s profile, telling JOE how he has ‘clearly tried to come across as nonchalant and amusing’. But that in reality, his profile ‘reads as a little uptight’. Furthermore, ‘his questions give someone very little to work with’.

Michael Gove - London, UK. 28th Sep, 2021. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government arrives at 10 Downing Street London Credit: Ian Davidson/Alamy Live NewsAlamy

Michael has chosen some photos which show a more relaxed and open side of himself, but unfortunately these mostly consist of selfies. This can give the appearance of a lack of social network, which can be off-putting to a potential date.

Go for pictures taken by someone else and maybe one group shot, to show you have your own life.

Gove’s profile reveals that he is not only a Virgo, but drinks and smokes ‘socially’, ‘sometimes’ works out and isn’t ‘sure yet’ about having children.

He also notes that his interests feature, ‘Art, museums and galleries, classics, classical music and wine’.

Vooght warned against the ‘temptation […] to swipe right on an older guy like Michael because of his status’. While it can be a ‘legitimate reason for attraction’, she detailed how it could be ‘challenging’ to navigate the ‘power dynamic’.

Clubbing into the early hours of the morning and bunking off conferences in pursuit of a Bumble match, what’s not to love?

Unfortunately the Bumble user didn’t feel the same, only matching with the MP to ‘tell him what [she] thought about his education reforms from when [she] was a teacher’. Who knew Bumble could be such a positive tool for education and debate?

If Gove is anything to go by, then weekly raving is set to be instated nationwide and the importance of online dating over work trips will be the next discussion in parliament.


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