Meri Brown’s Rum Buddies, Cruise Still In Touch With Her

Meri Brown always makes friends on her work trips. She speaks of how grateful she feels for her tribe. Two men met her on a cruise for LuLaRoe, back in 2019. They had some rum fun. Is that a lasting relationship?

Meri Brown makes friends

Meri’s life started to unravel around 2014. Everything seemed to be going smoothly when it was all over. Sister WivesIt all began in 2010. Together with Janelle, Christine, her sister wives, they lived in the same home as Kody and their thirteen children. Kody was engaged to Robyn, his fourth wife. Meri was responsible for the proposal. Meri selflessly divorced Kody in 2014 to allow him to marry Robyn. He was able to adopt her children from an earlier marriage. Sadly, it was also a very rough time in Meri’s life. She fell into a deep depression and turned to the internet for comfort.

After that failed and almost cost her family her life, she knew she needed to save the relationships she loved. She found LuLaRoe which helped her make a lot of money. She also had the chance to purchase a house that was in her family for generations. Thus, she opened Lizzie’s Heritage Inn and started to live again even though her marriage was only a friendship. Meri was introduced to many people through LuLaRoe and she began to travel. She met two men on a vacation and shared an unforgettable experience with them. They are now where they should be.

Rum Buddies Forever?

Meri Brown is having the time of her lives on a 2019 cruise. Her LuLaRoe crew was there, and she won a bottle rum when she played the Amazing Race. Although she received a bottle, she wasn’t in the mood to bring it home. She gave it to two men that she had met at the hotel, rather than throwing it away. The twist was that they exchanged photos and took photos. Instagram handles. They returned home to find that it was apparent that they were indeed Keep in touch.Are they still in touch three years later?

Credit: Meri Brown IG

It seems that they are still following each other, which is very sweet. Meri is able to keep in touch with her friends no matter how far they may be from each other. She stated that LuLaRoe has provided her with many opportunities. This is evidently one of them. Wonder if they actually opened that bottle of Rum or if they saved it for Meri’s visit next time.

Is it any surprise that Meri still keeps in touch with two of the guys she met randomly on vacay. We’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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