Meri Brown slays in Tattered Blue Jeans, Snug

Sister WivesMeri Brown, the star of The Voice, has been through a lot in recent years. But she keeps her head up and continues moving forward.

However, one of her Instagram posts is drawing lots of attention from her fans. Keep reading to find out what they’re talking about these days.

Meri Brown shows off a cute look via Instagram

Meri Brown often posts positive and uplifting messages. Even though she’s been through some tough times, Meri is all about the positive vibes on social media.

Meri Brown/Instagram

“Spent the afternoon with my boys, good for the soul! I tell ya, the love these guys give is immeasurable!”The TLC star wrote. “Here’s some things we can learn from our loyal and lovable puppies….”

Meri wrote all the cute things she loved about her dogs. Meri Brown loves dogs, from their friendliness and unconditional love.

“And no matter what life brings you, kick some dirt over that poop and move on!”She concluded the post.

Meri Brown slays in Tattered Blue Jeans, Snug
Meri Brown/Instagram

The post might be about her dogs, but fans couldn’t help but notice that Meri Brown looks fantastic in her ripped jeans. They also provided a lot more uplifting words for the audience. Sister Wives star.

“Awww there lovely your [sic] looking fantastic Meri ❤️❤️❤️”One of her followers wrote the following:

“Keep the smile on!! Don’t know what’s going on with the Browns. But know I pray for you all!! Mary you are #1, paper cannot ever take that away!!!”Another one.

Do you also appreciate Meri’s positive posts and happy new look? Please let everyone know what your opinion is in the comments.

TheSister WivesStar is a dog lover who loves deadline dogs

In the past, fans discussed online how much they appreciate Meri’s fondness for dogs.

“The only relationship on this show that matters to me is Meri and Mr. Mosby,” Reddit userOnline sharing.

“I love how she’s always carrying him around like a baby,”The OP continued on. Reddit users made similar statements.

“I remember watching the video call episodes, she was cradling him and stroking the bridge of his nose until he fell asleep,”Another user continued. “She wasn’t even listening to the conversation she was just holding her puppy and giving him pets. I base a little of my opinion of someone on how they interact with dogs/how dogs interact with them. Usually, if you’re a sh*tty person a pup will react and pick up on that. That dog clearly loves her very much.”

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