Meghan Markle news: Piers Morgan blasts Prince Harry, a’spoilt brat” for’sulking at his mansion’ during Philip Service

Prince Andrew was’shunned.

PRINCE Andrew was ‘shunned by the royal family and didn’t interact warmly with them’ at Prince Philip’s memorial despite walking in alongside The Queen.

The Duke of York, accompanied Her Majesty to the service but had little interaction with the rest of his family.

Andrew apparently avoided receptions, and drove straight to Westminster with his mother following the service.

The Queen seemed to be ‘unambiguous’ in her support for her second son. The rest of The Firm, however, offered no encouragement or support and “pretended not to even see him”.

Judi James, body language expert explained to FEMAIL: Andrew didn’t get the same welcome. [as the Queen gave him]From the other royals. 

“Only his mother threw him anything bordering on a “The smiles were a welcome back and instead of encouraging him with subtle support or encouragement, the royals attempted to act as if they had never seen him. 

“He took Edward’s place, and he made an isolated, defiant-looking appearance. However there was no eye contact or glances. 

“The eye-avoidance seemed deliberate. The Firm was staring straight ahead as if he were not even there.

“Edwards and Sophie are often used to buffer the royal firm. They chatted animatedly to avoid the frost among William and Harry’s last public outing. However, there was no warmth or connection between the brothers until the singing the hymn.

“Andrew turned his head to speak to Edward and Sophie and they replied with the coolest of responses.”


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