Meghan Markle news – Brutal Duchess allegedly ‘trampled on people’ in a totally cynical move to rise to the top, according to a biographer

Meghan Markle is said to have “trampled over people” to reach the top.

Tom Bower spoke to GB NewsHis upcoming book “Tell-All” that includes ‘extraordinary Information’ Markle.

The following is an extract from the Daily MailBower stated that the book would feature stories about Royal ‘victims.

Mark Dolan, GB News host, asked Bower about his book. Bower replied: “Well, actually, I’ve completed it and it will soon be out.”

It is a story, an unknown story. Her life is extraordinary, I’ve discovered.

“And I believe that the public perception about her will either be confirmed or outraged or, in any case it’ll be a surprise.”

He went on: ‘It has turned out to be…a very, very hard slog because people were pretty reluctant to speak and she and her lawyers had done very well to keep people silent, but I got through [to] enough.

“It’s a great tale. It’s an incredible story of a woman, who began from nothing but has become a world leader and has taken on all the others along the path. This is classic for the type of people I choose, regardless of whether they are politicians or tycoons.

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  • Buckingham Palace Jubilee Celebrations: Harry and Meghan are not permitted in

    It’s been confirmed the Sussexes intend to travel to the UK next month.

    But they won’t be allowed on the balcony.

    Both Charles and William have been vocal about trimming back the ‘main’ royals to only those directly in line to the throne.

    As Harry and Meghan are no longer considered to be ‘main’ Royals, they have no place on the balcony.

    The Palace said the Queen will be joined on the balcony to celebrate the Jubilee on 2 June by “members of the Royal Family who are currently undertaking official public duties”.

    Prince Andrew will also be absent.

  • Prince William has ‘fears’ over Sussexes Jubilee attendance

    PRINCE William fears Harry will use details of chats they have at the Platinum Jubilee on his Netflix shows.

    Sources say Wills is “wary” of his younger brother’s decision to attend the Queen’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

    He Kate, 40, are said to be concerned that Harry, 37, Meghan, 40, could pull a “stunt” to try to steal the limelight during next month’s extravaganza.

    Wills was said to be deeply hurt after the Oprah Winfrey interview in which the Sussexes alleged racism against an unnamed royal and said Kate made Meghan cry.

    He has not seen Harry since last July’s unveiling of a statue of their mum, Princess Di.

    A source said: “William wants to talk to Harry to try to heal the rift between them but he’s fearful it will find its way on to Netflix, Oprah or into Harry’s upcoming book.”

  • VIEWERS will be treated to UNSEEN footage of the Queen sharing touching and intimate moments with her family in a new BBC documentary set to air soon.

    Her Majesty will narrate part of the programme, explaining the significance of the events.

    The programme ‘Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen’ will show a young Princess Elizabeth beaming in a red gingham dress as she shows the camera her engagement ring.

    Taken while on the first extended visit of Prince Philip to Balmoral in 1946, the clip shows a private moment before the couple’s engagement became public.

    The special 75-minute programme, produced to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, will be shown on BBC One on May 29.

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s £135m deal with Netflix ‘at risk’

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s £135million Netflix deal is at risk after they pitched boring ideas, it is claimed. 

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are under a lot of pressure to come up with a hit for the streaming service, an industry source.

    They are yet to release anything and Meghan’s animated series Pearl, created through Archwell Productions, was dumped last week.

    It comes after The Sun revealed that palace minders are on guard to stop the couple’s film crews from shooting inside royal events at The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

    An industry source told the Mail on Sunday: “Harry and Meghan’s slate of projects could be in jeopardy as they have announced plans to make shows that are educational and inspiring, rather than sexy and sensational.

    “The pressure will be on them to come up with a hit.”

  • Prince spotted baring his chest

    PRINCE Harry was seen baring his chest on the polo field for the first time since The Queen banned him from the Jubilee balcony celebrations.

    Yesterday, the Duke of Sussex showed off his torso while he was playing the sport in Santa Barbara.

    Harry showed off his pecks on the polo pitch ahead of his game on Archie’s third birthday yesterday.

  • ‘Real fear of tension’

    Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, announced on Friday they will be attending with their children — minutes after the Queen barred them from the Palace balcony for the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

    A well-placed source said: “While the family are delighted Harry and Meghan are coming, there is a real fear of tension, especially over any Netflix crew. If the Netflix team arrives in the UK, there are fears tension could explode.

    “The worry is they will push it and try to gain access to areas of Jubilee celebration events where they can film Harry and Meghan and their children.

    “Even if they accept that their Netflix crew can’t go into Buckingham Palace to film, they could cause problems – and at the very least cause a major distraction.

    “Senior courtiers believe that Netflix will see it as one big opportunity to exploit their mega-millions agreement with the couple.

    “So a team of Palace aides will be on standby to keep a very close eye on the crew, and act as minders if needs be.”

  • Harry & Meghan’s Netflix crew will be stopped if they try to film inside royal events

    PALACE “minders”If they attempt to film in the Royal Events at the Platinum Jubilee, it will stop Harry and Meghan’s Netflix crew.

    The couple could still be seen another day, despite a ban on the Palace balcony for Trooping of the Colour.

    A team was assigned to stop filmmakers’ moves. “exploit” the streaming giant’s £112million deal with the couple at the Queen’s four-day celebrations.

    Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, announced on Friday they will be attending with their children — minutes after the Queen barred them from the Palace balcony for the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

    However, insiders believe the pair could still appear in front of the public at the Palace — after the Sunday finale.

  • Harry ‘in danger of becoming just another foreign prince’

    According to a royal author, Prince Harry could be made a king. “just another foreign prince”If he continues to cut ties with the Royal Family.

    Royal author of the new biography ‘The Queen: 70 Chapters in the Life of Elizabeth II’, and photographer Ian Lloyd told “It’s a shame because he has got the Invictus Games and quite a lot going for him.

    “But I think he is in danger of evaporating.

    “He and Meghan haven’t had the great launch in America we were expecting, they promised a lot and so far nothing much has happened.

    “And I think they will soon realise that with Netflix and other deals it is just people ultimately wanting to trade on their royal status.”

    Lloyd continued to say: “Why Harry is a big name in America? It’s because his mother Diana was his grandmother Elizabeth II.

    “If he does distance himself from the Royal Family that brand will eventually be damaged, he will be just another foreign prince.

    “He needs to be working in close ties with the Royal Family to heal the divisions to strengthen his own brand.”


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