Meghan King Talks About Moving on After Split from Cuffe Biden Owens

Despite Meghan Kings’s romance with Cuffe Biden Owens and their divorce, she is still hopeful about finding love again. With the caption (via), she posted an inspiring quote by Yung Pueblo to her Instagram Story. Daily Mail), “Let’s raise our vibe in 2022, team. (I need to remember love can be found in unexpected places…. Including from within *heart emoji*). I know my heart is incredibly right for me.”

According to reports, an insider told the truth about E! NewsWhile Meghan claims that the couple split because of their distance, Meghan denies these claims. Page Six. “Cuffe lived with me,”Meghan clarified the matter to the outlet. “We didn’t have any distance. We lived together every day since the day we met. There was no Cali/MO distance. There was zero long distance whatsoever.”

Meghan shared an Instagram post in which she expressed her grief over the ending of her marriage. “This is obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows — and I’m shocked and saddened by the way things turned out,” she wrote, per Page Six. She wrote that she was with her three children and continued to say so. “moving forward”They are so beautiful! “privately process [their] pain and begin to let go of shattered dreams.”


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