Megan Fox had ever undergone plastic surgery. Experts Weigh In

“Transformers”Megan Fox’s face has changed so dramatically over the years, that experts had to weigh in on whether she was undergoing plastic surgery. But, Megan Fox has yet to confirm that she has had any plastic surgery.

Megan Fox is a celebrity with both fans and enemies. She is a Hollywood star with an unmistakable beauty and a charismatic persona.

She still looks as beautiful as she did when she was 20 years old, and people are questioning if she has done any changes to her face in the past few years. Fans were astonished by her transformations and how she changed her looks over the years.

Megan Fox in the premiere of “Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink”On June 27, 2022| Source: Getty Images

One fan in 2018 TweetIn disbelief, Fox had the most beautiful face and she underwent plastic surgery. Another fan was also there in 2019. We are sorryShe did. But, in 2021, a new fan :

“The internet is really angry that I don’t think Megan Fox and her enormous amount of plastic surgery is hot, and that’s okay. lol”

A Fox fan who viewed Fox’s 2021 broadcasts was also eligible for a reward. “Till Death” BelovedHowever, the film does not show her plastic surgery. She destroyed her entire vibe with her new appearance.


Fox began to get scrutinized in the 2010s after she had made many changes. People started to wonder if she was under the knife.

In 2021, actresses were spotted as they were at night. Reports say they are hidingHer plump lips. She was just in The Diamond Face Institute, where Dr. Jason B. Diamond is a celebrity plastic surgeon.

The actress tried to keep a low profile by wearing a baseball hat, sweats, and a hoodie. She was You can leaveThe office of the double-board-certified plastic surgeon. She used her hand as a cover while she got into her car.

She denied receiving lip injections in 2010 when she was asked about it during an interview. She :

“I will say for people who question the authenticity of my lips; you can clearly see that my lips are my lips.”

Fans noticed a difference in her cheeks, lips and cheeks by December 2019. Fox’s nose is changing according to Dr. Matthew Schulman from New York.

Her nose was once wider with a visible cleft at her nasal tip. However, recent photos show that her nose is narrower, more refined and has a smoother tip.

Many surgeons believe she has used Botox to smoothen her forehead and plump her lips. She also used fillers to make her cheeks fuller. Dr. Schulman :

“Her lips are more full and her cheekbones are higher. Likely the result of Restylane or Juvaderm.”


Fox presented a 2002 photo of her at Morningside Academy in Florida. It was 15 years ago. In the photo, her lips were full. :

“What was I, 15 there? I look like I’m attempting to pull off a Carmen Electra look. […] I don’t know. I did a pretty good makeup job there for a 15-year-old.”

Although she never denied or confirmed that anything had been done to her face as a teenager, she appeared to deny any enhancements to her lips in her photo.

Fox, however, has never been against plastic surgery. She claimed that she has never had Botox, cheek augmentations or other types of facial surgery, even though she said she was against it. :

“I would encourage anyone [who wants plastic surgery] to first speak with a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from.

Fox believes that most times, a person desiring changes to their face does not have that desire because it is related to their teeth, nose, and chin. She also assured them the surgery they get would not alleviate their insecurities about their looks.

However, if they feel it is something they want to do, they should do it. Fox further stated that she was amazed that there was the technology to do what people wanted.

Since the actress rose to stardom in 2004 when she played the role of Carla Santini in “Confessions of a Teenage Drama King” she has been vocal about her body image issues.


“I see myself as I am, but there are some things I like and others that I don’t like. My hair is beautiful. My eyes are a good color. I am too short. Overall, however, I am not excited about the whole thing.”

She revealed further that she never thought she was worthy of anything. Fox stated that she had a sick feeling that people were mocking her all the time, leading to a lot of self-loathing.

After she starred as Jennifer Check in “Jennifer’s Body” in 2009, Fox experienced a psychological breakdown because she was afraid of being hypersexualized, and when she spoke up, no one listened.

Thankfully, with the birth of her kids with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, the actress began to gain some confidence as she felt better about herself.

Fox revealed in an interview that it took getting pregnant for a shift in her consciousness to occur as she had her first real breakthrough, and her mind opened up.

For the first time, the actress could see from a bird’s-eye view and appreciated herself even more. By the time her third child arrived, she could feel that having children had always been the doorway to a better version of herself.


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