Meet Macy Gray’s Daughter, a Graphic Designer

Aanisah Hinds was the firstborn of Macy Gray, a famous singer and songwriter. Although Aanisah Hinds may not be as talented as her mother, she is an artist.

Aanisah is the daughter Macy Gray’s most famous musician, Macy Hinds.

She is the musician’s eldest daughter and has already made her own way in life. Aanisah is a talented graphic designer.

Here’s more about Aanisah, besides her being the daughter Macy Gray, a famous graphic designer,


Aanisah Hinds, was born January 17, 1995. She is a lover. artSince a very young age, she has been studying it all her life.

Aanisah was also in high school. It was to Vision21 Art & Design for four years. Aanisah started her creative journey from there.

She began her journey to be a creative in 2008 when she dreamed of being a fashion designer. In 2012, she attended college at New York’s Pratt Institute where she studied fine art.

The institute introduced the young creative to other creative disciplines such as jewelry making, printmaking and video editing.

AanisahShe is now a graphic designer and creates designs for emails and websites. She is an illustrator and creates brand- and print design.

Macy, her mom, took to Instagram in 2021 for a sweet message to wish her daughter happy birthday. Her sweet message :

“Happy bday to my #first. Wish there was a word for how much I love you baby girl. The moon and the stars ain’t got nothin on you ??? There I tried. You saved my whole life. Thank you. Snd happy happy birthday. @_aanisah__”

According to Aanisah LinkedIn PageShe currently resides in Los Angeles. She’s a Bobby Brown Foods Graphic Designer, where she began in 2018. Since 2008, she has been a freelance graphic designer and artist.


Aanisah Hind was born to Aanisah Hind. Macy GrayTracey hinds is her father. Tahmel Hinds has a younger brother and Happy Hinds has a younger sister.

After only two years of marriage, Aanisah and her parents divorced in 1998. Her mother, at the time, had two children in the same year. She was also expecting another.

Aanisah’s parents divorced when she was a child. She and her siblings seldom saw her father.

Macy claims that she and her ex-husband are still together. “had a horrible argument”This was not fixed.

Macy, her mom, is a Grammy-winning artist musicianShe is well-known for her distinctive voice. She has ten studio albums. “I Try”One hitmaker shared how stunned she was when she found out that her kids were fans of her music.

Macy stated that she knew her children liked her music only when one of her songs was playing in the car. All her ChildrenI knew the lyrics to the song.

The 54-year-old singer claimed she is very proud of her children who, she said, are “very special”. “really good people”Who are they? “very ambitious”Your love life.

Macy said that she would make some changes to her life if it meant changing anything.

Aanisah loves her grandmothers and so do her siblings. Happy described them as “Happy.” “amazing.”Her younger sister is also an avid drawer and has her own website. magazine, Happy Hinds Magazine.

Tahmel, her brother, was born the same year as Aanisah. He lives a private existence that he doesn’t share with anyone. Macy Gray is his first grandchild.

Aanisah appears to be a talented person and lives a private life. As of August 2022, she had not posted to her Instagram account since 2017. Only her proud mother posts images on social media of her when she wishes her a happy birthday.


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