Mater Dei Football Faces Accusations of Hazing – Los Angeles

A family member of the Mater Dei High School football team’s former player is suing the school. He claims that he suffered severe injuries in a team hazing ritual called “Bodies” in which two players repeatedly land punches on one another until one surrenders. It was reported Wednesday.

The suit, filed Tuesday in Orange County Superior Court against Bruce Rollinson, alleges that he was the team’s coach and had an affair with a woman. “outrageous” dismissive attitude about the “The dangers created from Bodies,” the Orange County Register reported.

“This is especially true when you consider that Mater Dei’s management and coaches valued the school as a nationally recognized powerhouse in football over the safety and health needs of its minor athletes,” according to the Register.

The suit claims negligence, negligence per se, hazing in violation California penal code, negligent failures to warn, train or educate, and intentional infliction emotional distress. Mater Dei officials made the following statement to the Register: “An independent and thorough investigation was done. We cannot comment further on the involvement of minors.

Rollinson didn’t respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.

According to the paper, the former Mater Dei player participated in the Bodies ritual in February. He was paired against a 50-pound heavier teammate. The smaller player, Player 1, sustained a traumatic brain injury and two gashes on his right and left eyes. One of his noses was broken. The Register reviewed four police reports, two surgeon’s records, email records from Mater Dei, two videos, two letters, forms, memos, court filings, and two videos.

Player 1 later resigned from Mater Dei. The team still has Player 2, the other participant.

According to the Register court documents state that Rollinson told Player 1’s family that he was “in a bind” regarding disciplining Player 2. This is because Player 2’s father is a volunteer team coach.

According to the paper, Mater Dei officials initially refused to cooperate with Santa Ana Police Department investigators investigating the fight. Later, police interviewed them and denied that hazing was occurring in Mater Dei’s football program.

According to the Register, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office refused to bring any charges in relation to the fight that resulted in Player 1’s injuries. It stated that the case was one of mutual combat.

After the media picked up the story, Mater Dei sent a new message on Nov. 24:

“The health, safety and security of Mater Dei High School students is my top priority. Recent media coverage has highlighted deeply troubling allegations about our football program, and our administration. These accusations suggest that they may have acted against our unwavering commitment to student safety. Due to privacy restrictions and pending litigation, I cannot address this matter with the community.

It hurts me to learn about any student who has suffered any type of harm on our campus. My sincere prayers go out for the student and their families. We take this matter seriously and promise to address all issues in a consistent and ethical manner. I ask you to trust me and have faith in the future. Please respect the privacy of everyone involved.


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