MasterChef Final 2022 – Eddie, Radha, Pookie and Radha battle it out for the crown as all of Gordon Ramsay’s fans say the same thing about him

Who are these finalists? (1/3)

Pookie, 45, is a Beauty Salon Owner from Solihull.

When asked about her inspirations for food, she said to BBC: “I was born and raised in Bangkok.

“I am Thai with Chinese heritage and although this has a huge influence on my cooking, I don’t limit myself to Thai-Chinese food.

“I like cooking international foods but love introducing my own style with all the foods I’ve cooked.

“Most of all I want my food to be flavoursome, delicious, fun and put a smile on people’s faces.

Pookie spoke about her motivation to become MasterChef. She said that she was encouraged by friends who claimed her style is unique. Finally, my husband convinced me to apply.

“I’d never really thought I was good enough to enter a competition such as that, but one day I just decided to go for it.

“I’m not super competitive but I love cooking, so I will give it a go, have fun and who knows how far it will take me! I’d like to show the world my Pookie Style.”


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