Martha Stewart Jokingly Hops Friends will ‘Die’ So That She Can Be With Their Husbands After ‘Hellish” Marriage

Martha Stewart ended her 26-year marriage to Andrew Steward and finally shared her heartbreaking divorce. It was revealed details of Martha’s failings that led to the separation. Martha spoke out about the difficulties of dating at 80, three decades after the breakup.

Andrew Stewart and Martha Stewart met blindly in 1961, while they were still at university. Andrew was a Yale law student and the lifestyle guru studied European and architectural history at Barnard College.

The first date was enough for the Stewarts to fall in love. Things quickly turned serious. Martha and Andrew were married within a year of their first blind date. They also managed to have a comfortable and happy life early in their relationship.

Photograph of Martha Stewart and Andrew Stewart outside their home, 1980.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

The couple owned an apartment in Manhattan as well as a Berkshires property that they had restored together. Martha and Andrew had their first child Alexis Stewart four years later.

Their family did not see any red flags about the Stewarts’ marriage from the beginning. Andrew’s brother George was very pleased with Martha’s family. DescribedThey are “a gorgeous couple.”

Kathy, her sister, was also there Telled People’s magazine: “Andy was wonderful — like a brother, and Martha was a real mentor.”Martha and Steward had reached this point and it was clear that everything was in place.


Martha and Andrew Stewart bake in their kitchen.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Jerry Oppenheimer was the author who dedicated his book to him. “Just Desserts”To investigate Martha’s past and interview several of her closest friends and family members. He is shocked that Martha is still looking for a partner. “a terrible history through the years with men.”

Mail Online has an exclusive interview with Oppenheimer about his sources revealedSurprising details about Martha’s childhood and how it shaped the way she relates to men are revealed. New York’s bestselling author spokeThis is the story of how Andrew’s wife, an American businesswoman, treated her husband throughout their quarter-century-long marriage.

Martha Stewart, California 1989.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Oppenheimer interviewed one of his close sources Martha was raised in a family that included a father and a mother. “mean-spirited father.” AccordingThey felt that Martha was born from the lack of a male role model to look up to. “a man chaser and a man-hater.”

Oppenheimer’s biography, “Just Desserts,” ExposedMartha, the woman who caused most of the problems in Andrew’s marriage, was also the one who treated Andrew “shabbily.”One insiderRecalledMartha makes arguments about the most trivial matters.

The closest source Martha would have these words to say: “You didn’t load the car right! How can you take so long to get the car unloaded? Why are you so sloppy? How could you forget this or that,”Andrew felt a lot of anger, anxiety and stress which had a long-lasting effect on their relationship.

Martha Stewart, New York, 2017. | Source: Getty Images

The Stewarts Westport Home in Turkey Hill was started by some of its staff. ReferringThe place is “Turley Hell”Martha mistreated her husband because of this. Oppenheimer also questioned the staff. Andrew was treated like a friend by her “a dog turd.”

Handler was amused when Martha joked that she hoped her friends would die to give her a chance at their husbands.

Stewart and Stewart were both unfaithful throughout their marriage due to the terrible ups, downs. AccordingTo the “Just Desserts”Biography: Martha exonerated herself from her infidelity “a one-time thing”It was an experiment. Andrew was born. revealingHe cheats during an argument as a “two-way thing.”

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The Stewarts had one child, Alexis. This was a turbulent marriage. Alexis, then 46 years old, was a part of the Stewarts’ only child. Confession in her book “Whateverland: Learning to Live Here,”Publication in 2011 that she had a difficult home life.

Alexis Her mother was perfectionist and did not want to be perfect. “kid-friendly.”AccordingMartha, the talk-show host, would wrap her Christmas presents herself.

It was a difficult relationship between the mother and her daughter. But it became better when Martha spent five years in federal jail lying to investigators about a well timed stock sale.

Martha Stewart with Alexis Stewart, her daughter in New York 2010.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Martha spoke out about her divorce to People Magazine thirty years later. The 80-year old television personality Divorce was one of the worst things she experienced. Martha :

“Getting divorced was a terrible thing for me because we were the first to divorce in my family. And that we haven’t spoken since the divorce is even more painful.”


Martha Stewart in Austin Texas 2019.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Martha was not open about her relationship life after she ended her long-term marriage. The business mogul, however, did. HinweisShe is not available for the Thursday night interview “Watch What Happens Live”Andy Cohen, 2021

Martha didn’t give too many details about her love life but she did gushe over the dinner she shared with Larry King, the late television host.

In the “Watch what happens Live”Interview with Martha King invited her to a dinner, which she assumed would be about journalism. But King apparently got flirty. The 80-year-old TelledCohen was King “nicest and kindest” interviewer she’s ever encountered.


Martha Stewart, New York 2020.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Martha Stewart visited Chelsea Handler, her best friend, at her home latest podcast episode, “Dear Chelsea.”Martha and Handler, her comedian friend, went viral for their poolside selfies. But long-term friends allowed us to have a conversation about dating in older age.

Martha revealed to Handler that she had two crushes, who she later discovered were married to her friends. Handler immediately WarnedHer friend did not want to be the one who runs a relationship with her; Martha however She hasn’t, even though she has been tempting in the past.

Handler warned that the podcast host would not be allowed to do so, Dating at an older age is more appealing because of the temptation to fall in love. Martha jokes TelledHandler said that she hopes her friends die to give her a chance at their husbands. The TV personality

“…Oh gosh, couldn’t that person just die — the wife — and not painfully just die. But it hasn’t worked out.”


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