Martha Stewart is doing this for the first time

Martha Stewart will not be the next Bellagio headliner. Instead, she is finally taking her company where she always wanted to be. She is opening her own restaurant. According to PeopleStewart’s farm-to-table restaurant, which seats 194, will be named The Bedford. It will have a home in the Paris hotel in Las Vegas.

“We have toyed with the idea for a long, long time,”Stewart said so to the magazine. “I just personally was never really ready to do something so large as this. It really is a lot of stuff to do!”She said that her restaurant will be named after her Bedford winter home, and she wanted it to be cozy, but spacious enough for everyone. Stewart’s restaurant is sure to be a favorite of family and friends. “unique to the Martha brand.”

Although there is no specific opening date, People reports that The Bedford will open in spring 2022. Stewart’s followers won’t be waiting long before they can try her recipes without making them.


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