Marseille breaks with silence over William Saliba transfer to Arsenal and attempts to force Arsenal U turn

Mikel Arteta was clear that he was the defender “has to come back”Arsenal, when his Marseille loan contract expires. He plans to reintegrate him into his team next season.

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Premier League club’s priority signers this summer

Marseille will hold talks with Arsenal regarding William Saliba’s loan move. This is after Mikel Arteta declared that he must go back to the Emirates next season.

The Spaniard was clear that he was the defender “has to come back”When his Marseille loan contract expires, Saliba will contact his parent club to discuss his plans to reintegrate him into his team next season. Saliba stated his desire to stay longer in France. However, he is keen to play Champions League football.

Arsenal promised the centre-half that Arteta would give him an “integral role” in their side. L’Equipe.The club wants to extend the contract of the rising star in north London, which will expire in 2024, to show that he is still part of their long-term plans.

Marseille is hopeful that they will be able to make a deal to bring Saliba home to Marseille next year. Club president Pablo Longoria wants to talk with Arsenal and show respect for the Gunners.

He said RMC Sport “We had a lot of conversations analysing William Saliba’s season, especially in the last few days. He’s coming off an extraordinary season, with one of the highest number of matches played in Europe. He also joined the France team, which is incredible at his age. We discussed a lot internally about what we can do, to find out what the possibilities are.

“We respect his club, we have to thank Arsenal. It’s a friendly club that helped us a lot during the last transfer window. We have very good relations. We have to talk to each other, see if there is the possibility of reaching an agreement between the clubs, there is the player’s will, the club’s will… But above all, we must respect Arsenal.”

William Saliba had a remarkable 2021/22 campaign together with Marseille



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Arteta stated that he intends to use Saliba next year and believes he can challenge Ben White, Gabriel for a starting place as he supported the club’s decision of sending him on loan to Marseille.

Gunners boss spoke RMC Sport “He has to come back. He has the experience and the environment necessary to be competitive with us. If he had stayed with us this year, with a match of Premier League a week, with Ben White and Gabriel, he wouldn’t have had half the playing time he had with Marseille, that’s for sure.

“He wouldn’t be here without his growth and for the next season. William was not able to be with us as he would have been unable to get the experience he needed. It’s that simple. We made the right choice.”

Saliba is keen to stay at Marseille after the French side sealed a second-place finish in Ligue 1. He said: “I would love to play in the Champions League again. I have never been to it, and I want it to be my first experience.

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