Marjorie Harvey’s Ex Husband: The Shady Truth

Jim Townsend, Marjorie Harvey’s ex-husband claims that she almost had a hard time in her first marriage. According to a 2017 Radar report, Townsend was a major drug dealer who served almost 30 years in prison after he attempted to purchase an amount of cocaine weighing as much as an average 12-year-old boy. “We were legally married when I got arrested. We lived in Memphis and had a great life together,”Townsend explained the Globe of his relationship with Marjorie.

Townsend claimed that Marjorie and his brother were part of his criminal enterprise. However, he told Radar. “We cut a deal that they wouldn’t indict them.”Townsend told the Globe that Marjorie had her own bar at the moment. However, federal officials shut down the business after discovering that the owner was suspected of having bought it with his illgotten wealth.

Townsend was meant to be in prison his entire life, but in 2017 former president Barack Obama pardoned him. Radar Townsend claimed they had remained in touch until Marjorie began seeing Steve Harvey. Townsend spoke out in 2019 RadarHis free time was spent behind bars, where he was writing a memoir. He said that he hadn’t finished it yet, but that he would add details about Marjorie to it. “I have no allegiance to Marjorie, she showed her hand,”He said.


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