Mariska Hargitay Nearly Lost Stepmom She ‘Claimed,’ After Losing her Mom at Three: ‘It Was Really Scary.

Mariska Hargitay experienced intense fear after she almost lost the woman filling the role of mother in her life — again. It was a frightening experience, she described it as. “scary experience,”This is not surprising, considering the influence Hargitay has on her life. Here are the details.

Lightning does not strike in the exact same spot twice. But tragedy will try to do that, and Mariska Hargitay is a famous actress who knows this well.

Jayne Mansfield was the actress who made her famous. Her father, a bodybuilder, once won Mr. Universe. He was Mickey Hargitay and met Mansfield at Mae West’s nightclub.

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She was captivated by his glory and signaled immediately to the waiter. , “I’ll have a steak and the man on the left.”It was a beautiful marriage, with three wonderful children. But, it was not to last. The union was turbulent and the couple split shortly after their third baby was born.

Hargitay was co-parented with her siblings by her parents. They shared physical custody until 1967 when tragedy struck.

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She was seated with her brothers in the back seat of the vehicle while her Mom, and two other performers were in the front. It was cloudy that night and visibility was poor so the driver had no idea that a tractor was in front of them. 

It was too late for them to realize what was happening and they ran straight into it. Everybody was in front was killedHowever, the children survived with minor injuries.

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The actress was only three years old at the time. In Her words, “Losing my mother at such an early age is the scar on my soul.”

After it had happened, she was determined to get over it. “low self-esteem”And they had to keep fighting “anxiety.”The depressing period was not permanent, but the actress made it through it stronger. She now sees the silver lining in her story and admits that it helped. She :

“But I feel like it ultimately made me into the person I am today.” 

Mariska was proud of her progress, but it wasn’t easy to reach this point. It took her so long because she only had a few things to remember her mom after the robbery that occurred just after her death.

She was able to get a few of them back years later thanks to collectors who offered to buy. She still wears the bracelet as a reminder of her Mom.


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Mariska’s parents divorced and her father found an Air Attendant named Ellen to take her in. Mansfield was open to her suggestions, going so far as to tell Ellen that he was happy for her and their children. 

Mariska and her brothers moved in permanently with their father after Mansfield died. They had to establish a relationship with Ellen who made it easy. Mariska was made aware that the term mother can also refer to a woman who did not give birth to you. According to Mariska:

“I called her Mom. She really claimed us. She never had biological kids of her own, and to this day we are her kids. So we were blessed that she really embraced us and loved us so quickly.”

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Although the accident was very difficult for the children, Ellen’s love and support was there for them.

 It was a journey filled with many disappointments, including one incident where they had to return a newborn to her mother after she changed her mind.

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Mariska is aware of this and has done so once , “I was very fortunate to have a maternal figure in my life after such a horrific accident.” 

MARISKA Almost Lost Her Stemmom Too When She Was 9

Mariska and her brothers were lucky to have been blessed with such a stepmom; however, they almost lost her six years after their mother’s death. The incident occurred on a flight from Mariska to Los Angeles. Her stepmom’s plane was hit by turbulence, resulting in the death of one passenger and hospitalization of several others including Ellen the flight attendant. 

Mariska and her brothers had been headed home from Dallas, and when they got off the plane, they only met their dad waiting with a distressed look on his face. Because Ellen and Mickey Hargitay are usually there for the kids, they knew that something was wrong.

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They visited the hospital to find their stepmom in critical conditions. It was almost like they were revisiting old grievances about losing a mother that they had previously experienced. She :

“Those are tough emotions for kids to deal with, especially that specifically, to have that, you know, almost happen twice is — I don’t know if there are words for it, but it was really scary for us.”

Although it took some time, Ellen made it through the ordeal and was there for Mickey until his death in 2006.


Mariska Hargitay, Amaya Andrew, as well as August, attend The Children’s Museum Of The East End 5th Anniversary Family Fair on July 20, 2013, Bridgehampton (New York). Source: Getty Images| Source : Getty Images

Mariska’s maternal instincts developed while she was young after her mother’s passing.

Ellen and Mickey’s teachings helped Mariska to be exposed to children from India who had lost their parents but were living their lives fully. At that moment, her urge to adopt them all was felt.

As she grew up, she married Peter Hermann and had a baby at 42. He was named August by them and began to ask for siblings. Mariska and Hermann did not mind. They chose to adopt the child rather than having it naturally.

It was a long and difficult journey, filled with many disappointments. They had to return a newborn from her mother after she changed her mind. The moment was a blurred memory for her. :

“It was nothing short of devastating.”

They met an African American woman who wanted to have a child. They named their daughter Amaya after the girl they had delivered. She was not present at the delivery. :

“I basically pulled Amaya out. Peter and I held her, and then the birth mother and I hugged for a long time. That was profound.”

Mariska and her spouse were content to wait until Amaya passed away to start a family. However, fate intervened. This happened after the death of a close friend. They were in mourning when their lawyer told them that a baby needed a home.

While they didn’t want to adopt at that time, he asked them whether they would be open to adopting the boy. Mariska , “It was like…a miracle. And I don’t use that word lightly. I’ve never made a bigger decision so quickly.”

Mariska couldn’t be happier about their choice. 


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