Marijuana mogul sentenced for bribing San Luis Obispo County official

San Luis Obispo-based entrepreneur, who made huge waves in the marijuana industry, was sentenced to almost two years imprisonment for bribing an official in the county and falsifying his income on his tax returns.

Helios Raphael “Bobby”Dayspring, 36, is Friday, February 5, 2009: Sentenced to Federal CourtAccording to the United States Department of Justice, they were ordered to pay more that $3 million in restitution.

Dayspring was a well-known business partner, owner, and operator of a variety of cannabis companies along the Central Coast. These included grow operations, retail stores, and more.

In July 2021 Dayspring agreed that he would plead guiltyIn order to obtain influence and favorable votes, he bribed an old San Luis Obispo County official in order to affect his business interests.

The commissioner, identified only as a deceased commissioner of San Luis Obispo County’s third district, received approximately $32,000 in exchange for his votes and influence, the DOJ said. The majority of the money was in cash, and payments were made between November 2016 and November 2019.

Adam Hill was the Third District Supervisor at that time. He was a long-standing Democratic politician from San Luis Obispo County. In August 2020, he took his own life amid an ongoing FBI investigation he claimed he knew about and was cooperating with.

Dayspring also admitted to trying to bribe another SLO County politician. Dayspring offered $100,000 to Grover Beach’s former mayor in exchange for two dispensary licensing in the city. Investigators claimed that John Shoals, the mayor at the time, declined the bribe.

Federal investigations discovered that Dayspring had significantly underreported his income in tax returns.

Dayspring’s income was not reported correctly from 2014 to 2018. This led to the IRS losing $3.4 million. Dayspring reported his income tax liability as $1.2million for the 2018 tax year. In reality, he earned over $6.5 million.

Dayspring was described by the prosecutors in his sentencing memorandum as being solely focused on building. “a cannabis empire,”A goal that saw him willingly do anything to make it a reality.

“To accomplish that goal, he would not let anything get in his way, including the law,”Prosecutors wrote.

Dayspring will spend 22 months in federal prison now for his crimes, including bribery & tax evasion. This sentence is far from the maximum sentence Dayspring could have faced, which according to the DOJ was 13 years.

Dayspring had been cooperating with the FBI when he was arrested. “ongoing public corruption investigation in San Luis Obispo County,”Although the status is still unclear,

The FBI and IRS investigated the case.

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