Maria Burton Carson – Everything to Know about Elizabeth Taylor’s Adopted Daughter

Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood legend who had an amazing love life. She was married to multiple men, and she had four children. One of them was Maria Burton Carson, a girl she adopted from Germany.

Elizabeth Taylor was just as famous as her husband Richard Burton. Born in London in February 1932, she married eight times – twice to the same man, Welsh actor Richard Burton.

They adopted Maria Burton Carson during their first marriage. Taylor may be her only child, but her life has drawn much attention, particularly her two failed marriages, to Steve Carson, and Tom McKeown.

Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Maria Burton Carson and their children in 1967 | Source: Getty Images


Maria was born August 1, 1961, as a German orphan. Taylor has some details about her adoption, but they are not available. The process beganShe was still married to Eddie Fisher, a singer and actor.

Unfortunately, Taylor and Fisher’s marriage ended in divorce after just five years. “I do.”The “A Place in the Sun”Maria was close to becoming a mother when the actress split.

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In 1964, she married Richard Burton. He helped Taylor with the adoption and was also Maria’s father figure.

Maria Burton Carson was born with a hip defect that caused her to have a difficult childhood. Her parents were determined and did all they could to fix it. Needed doctors over 20 surgeriesHer hip problems were fixed.

Maria Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor’s youngest daughter, must have felt pressure. She pursued a modeling career during her teens and twenties. Before turning to fashion design, she founded a talent agency along with her first husband Steve Carson.

Maria and Steve had one child, Elizabeth. “Eliza”Carson in 1982. Taylor, Eliza, and Taylor shared a lovely relationship. “Butterfield 8″Even her granddaughter’s makeup was done by actress Senior proms.

Eliza and Taylor went to Sephora together, which was one of their most memorable experiences. After having a great time for 15 minutes, Taylor was recognized by people and they had to be taken out.

Maria Burton Carson is rarely seen in public, so it is easy to mistake her for another Maria Burton.

Maria and Steve split in 2000. Maria then married Tom McKeown. One son was born to them. RichardMaria’s father was the inspiration for this name, but their relationship was not perfect.

Taylor’s adopted child fled Tom and Taylor’s house with Richard at the age of two. After she filed a restraining notice against Tom, Taylor was blaming Taylor for using her power in order to split his family apart.


Elizabeth Taylor was married to Maria Burton Carson. She also had three other children, Liza Todd and Michael Wilding Jr.

Taylor’s second husband, Michael Wilding, is Michael Jr. Michael Jr. followed his famous parents and became an actor. He appeared in the original “Dallas”Television series “Guiding Light”Before you retire.

Christopher was not an actor but was a film editor in the entertainment industry. Liza, Taylor’s only child, said that she prefers to avoid the spotlight.


Maria Burton Carson seldom makes public appearances so it is easy to misinterpret her for another. Maria Burton. But, they have very different lives.

Taylor’s daughter, Maria Burton, isn’t into showbiz. Maria Burton, however, is an actress, director and producer who has a few projects under her belt. “Old Guy”The TV series “Good Eggs.”It is unknown what Elizabeth Taylor’s daughters do for a living these days.


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