Marge and Jerry’s End explained

Michigan drops the game. Jerry and Marge drive 10 hour to Massachusetts to play Winfall. To boost their capital and increase their chances of winning, they meet Bill (Rainn Wilson), a convenience store proprietor. 

In certain moments, “Jerry and Marge Go Large” feels like a heist movie without the crime. It plays as an anti-romantic comedy. The couple finds joy in the everyday and not in a frustrating, intractable journey. The film’s milquetoast Bonnie (Uly Schlesinger) and Clyde (Cheech Manohar) don’t go through without conflict. Act II introduces Tyler (Uly Schlesinger) to the role of a villain, along with Eric (Cheech Mohar), who are two arrogant Harvard students that also discover the loophole and form a betting organization of their own.

Eric hacks into the state lottery and discovers where Jerry and Marge are located. He and Tyler then pay a visit to the couple, interrupting their anniversary celebration. The youngsters are ageist and obnoxious, but slink from the store after Marge slyly offers the boys a juice box for the road and Jerry embarasses Tyler with his superior mathematical skills.


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