‘Manipulative’ mum cons her lovestruck best friend and bridesmaid out of £117,000

Susan Hughes sent £117,000 over a five-year period to her best friend and bridesmaid, Anna Bonner, believing she was helping her out but instead was being duped by her

Anna Bonner, 40, conned her best friend out of more than £117,000

A “greedy, devious and manipulative” mum lied to her lovestruck best friend and bridesmaid for years to con her out of more than £100,000.

Anna Bonner (40) begged Susan Hughes to give her huge sums of money. She said it was for the benefit of a friend who had cancer.

But, she was actually using the money to support her lifestyle.

Liverpool Crown Court heard from a judge who called the mom-of-3 a mother-of-3 “greedy, devious and manipulative”She sentenced her to prison on Thursday, after she pleaded guilty fraud by false representation. Liverpool Echo reported.

Charlotte Atherton, the prosecutor, stated that Anna Bonner met Ms Hughes through their jobs in a care home. They became close and went on holiday together, as well as living together for a while.

Anna is seen at an earlier court appearance


Lynda Rawley

Bonner had Hughes as her chief bridalmaid at her marriage and the two went on many nights together.

It was one of these nights that would be the foundation for a fraud that would go on for many years.

RJ’s, a club in New Brighton, Merseyside, was a place where the two women would often visit. There Ms Hughes would often go to RJ’s to talk with a bouncer she was interested in.

Bonner, who claimed to be Bonner’s uncle, then told Hughes in 2015 that Bonner had been to prison and was suffering from mental illness because of the clothes he was wearing. He asked Ms Hughes to provide some money, which Ms Hughes did.

As she told her best friend, whom she claimed was called “The Man,” her lies became more elaborate and extravagant. ‘Ste Lucas’He had been diagnosed with testicular carcinoma and required experimental treatment in the USA.

Ms Hughes, having believed her best friend was being truthful, began handing over money, sometimes up to £3,000 in a single month, to Bonner in the belief it was supporting the man’s medical treatment.

Bonner instead kept the money for herself and encouraged Ms Hughes, who kept it.

Police began to investigate Bonner’s fraud in 2020. ‘Ste Lucas’But he was never found. Ms Hughes sent just over £117,000 to Bonner’s accounts during the five year period her best friend duped her.

Ms Atherton said: “The defendant deliberately misled Ms Hughes into thinking that she was communicating with Ste and providing money for his medical rehabilitation when in fact the defendant was the one taking money for herself.

“The defendant used pressure techniques, applying deadlines to the payments of funds and used emotional pressure to suggest Ms Hughes may have a future with Ste if she paid over the money.”

As a result of the duplicitous lies and deception, Ms Hughes had to leave her job as a mental health nurse as a result of what Bonner had done to her and was now in crippling debt and had to move back in with her parents.

Trevor Parry-Jones, defending, said Bonner was remorseful and ashamed of what she had done, but probation officers had struggled to figure out what exactly motivated her.

He said: “It is in one way bizarre that she became involved in this, particularly in relation to somebody who she considered, and who considered her, to be a friend.”

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