Mandy Moore’s Top TV and Movie Roles to Date

Mandy Moore is forced to dive in shark cages in the thriller. “47 Meters Down.”Moore’s character Lisa attempts to prove that her boring ex-boyfriend is not as boring as she claims. She book a spontaneous shark cage diving vacation. Along with her little sister Kate (Claire Holt), the adventurous underwater trip quickly turns into a disaster. The cage cable snapped and the sisters were sunk 47 meters below sea level. Lisa and Kate must survive in their harsh aquatic conditions, which include limited oxygen, poor communication and being surrounded with hungry sharks.

Moore said this to GQMaking the movie was a great experience. “really challenging”You can see that 95% of the film was shot underwater. Filming the ocean scenes in London’s underwater tank was a physical and mental challenge. It took many hours to film. Moore was thrilled to be a part of an action thriller. There were plenty of screaming opportunities. “47 Meters Down”Feared up success at the Box Office, earning over $60 Million at the Global Box Office (via Box Office Mojo). It was so popular that a sequel was created. “47 Meters Down: Uncaged,”Moore did not reprise her role. Lisa was able to take one dive into shark-infested water.


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