Man With Autism Recalls Frightening Attack by Two Men in Lynwood – Los Angeles

Adam Foltz claimed that Sunday was his work day in Lynwood, as a voter registration canvasser. This is a job he loves, but is afraid to go back.

He’s physically fine but still feels shaken.

“I was scared that they were going to beat me up real bad or pull out a weapon,”Anaheim’s 37-year-old said it.

He claims that while he was out canvassing in Lynwood, two men assaulted him.

“They started swinging and pushing me, punching me,”He said. “I was screaming for help and the neighbor luckily came out.”

The men left in a dark-colored sedan.

Foltz believes they met after a brief encounter.

“One of them was standing out by the car, urinating. And I asked him whether he was registered to vote in Lynwood and he started yelling at me, ‘Get the f*** out of here!'”

Foltz says the men didn’t take anything so he doesn’t believe they were trying to rob him.

He believes he was targeted.

“I’m high functioning,”He said. “I have autism.”

Although it is not clear if his disability was involved in the attack, detectives will continue to investigate.

Foltz says he doesn’t know anything about his aggressors, but he wants them to know something about him.

“That I’m a special soul, and very loving, and like to get along.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officers said that they took a report on a battery.


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