Man Loved His Wife, Bought Her a New Car and a $10K Ring — Later Kicks Her Out on Election Day

One day, the man received a long message from his wife, explaining that their marriage was almost over. He cried after reading the message. 

The woman confessed that her marriage was in decline for the past ten years, but the husband was clueless. He wanted to know why she believed that. 

He shared his story via Reddit, detailing what happened between himself and his wife. He received support from other Redditors after reading his response.

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The wife of the man Their marriage was “bad”She had been suffering from depression for the past ten years, but she did not tell him sooner. He confessed crying every night after the day she sent her a detailed message. 

He wanted to know what was causing their marital disintegration, but she wouldn’t answer. He asked her if she had ever done anything wrong. She didn’t answer. 

“There is nothing wrong with you. It’s me. I am just a bad person for you,”she . She blamed everything on her mental illness. OP (OriginalPoster) asked her to join him for therapy, but she refused. 

His wife wrote a lengthy message explaining why her husband thought that their marriage was in trouble.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

He found out why she wanted to end the marriage three months later. It turned out that she was dating another man who was a felon. 

After multiple therapy sessions, he decided to kick his wife out.

He assumed that she was infidelity because he learned about it. He believed it because he had contracted trichomoniasis from her. 

His wife was with another man.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

She slapped him after he confronted her. The man recalled that he had never beaten her and always cared for her. He gave her BMW and expensive rings.

He thought of her ex-boyfriend who would hit her quite often. He admitted that he saved her from him when he married her, but it appeared like he had made a wrong decision. 

He sought out help from a therapist before deciding to do anything.Source: Unsplash After sharing his feelings, the therapist suggested ways to repair the emotional damage. 

He felt heartbroken. | Source: Unsplash

Following multiple therapy sessions, the man decided to kick his wife out. His wife discovered that he had been cheating on him for two years with a coworker. 

He narrated his story on Reddit, inviting other Redditors in the same city for a celebration. “Liberty on election day!”He Submitted

He concluded his post by revealing that he had worked two jobs to pay off his debts, yet he pampered his wife with expensive things. He believed she didn’t deserve all he did for her. 

He kicked her out his house.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

Redditor manpride02 Appreciated OP for being brave enough to kick his wife out and asked him not to forgive his wife if she came back after realizing her mistake. 

“She came with the “I am sorry” crap and sent her back on her way,” OP Assured. After kicking her out, he confessed that he felt great. 

“Man, your new life just began. You can do better,” ScarySlice9 Addition and urged OP to get his name on the car he gifted her. He asked the user to reveal his wife’s affairs, and wait for the perfect match for him. 

Many Redditors were happy for him and assured him that he had done the right thing and realized his worth. They assured him he would find someone much better than her. 

He didn’t forget her apology, but she did.Source: Unsplash | Source: Unsplash

What would your plans be if you were the OP?

He was devastated when his wife told him that their marriage wasn’t working. Then he discovered there was another man. He had to work hard to get the courage to let go of his wife and see his worth. What would you do if in his shoes? What would you do if you were in his place?

Do you think OP did the right thing by kicking his wife out?

After learning his wife cheated on him, the man was heartbroken. Because he found it unbearable, he kicked her out. He didn’t know why she had cheated on him, despite all the love he showed her. If you were OP, would you have wanted to know first? Or would you do the same thing and kick your spouse out?

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