Man helps woman lift a stroller. Later, he sees a cross necklace he buried with his child on her baby.

One man’s act of kindness led his wife and him on a journey that brought them together with their siblings. 

Jude Fiddlestein was enjoying a lovely evening in New York and decided to take a stroll to clear his mind. He was a businessman, who had come to New York for an annual conference that he believed would benefit his business network. 

That evening, Jude was feeling the clawing pain of loss that appeared when he lost his daughter June several months before. He and his wife Megan had been trying their hardest to get past the loss, but it was tough — the child had been their life, and her death was unnecessary. 

Jude saw a woman pushing her stroller and offered his help. Source: Shutterstock| Source: Shutterstock

Her death was caused by an error made by an overworked surgeon while removing her appendix. This made it difficult for the couple to move on. The first few months saw them make sure that both the surgeon and the institution had been properly sanctioned.

“It’s not about a settlement,”Megan spoke to reporters who were covering Megan’s case. It began when Mount Sinai Hospital tried to hide the accident. 

“We just want to make sure that people are aware of this and that it doesn’t happen to other people. We wish no one such a sordid experience,”She said. 

After the justice had been served, the couple were left with their grief and resorted to various coping methods. Megan spent her time weeping in June’s bed or in Jude’s arms. Her work as a hairdresser was also put on hold. 

Jude, on the other hand, was a hard worker and devoted himself to his work. He worked when he wasn’t comforting or crying behind his wife’s back. When he heard about the New York conference for business, he was excited. 

Megan spent most of her time crying in June’s room or Jude’s arms. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

The conference was well-organized. It began in the morning and ended at night. Jude would have taken the first flight home to Houston. But, Jude wasn’t up for traveling so he took the first flight home the next day. 

He sat in his hotel room as grief swept through him. It made him feel empty. To shake off the feelings, he decided that he would go on a walk as the sun set. 

He was not walking for very long when he spotted a woman with two full grocery bags in front of her. To help her with all that, she pushed a stroller that looked heavy that carried her child up the steps to her apartment. 

Jude, a child of a previous parent, felt a surge of nostalgia when he saw the child. As if his legs had their own mind, he moved towards the woman with the baby. 

Jude offered to help the woman in her stroller. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

“Need some help?”He asked, smiling brightest. 

This seemed to stop the woman making negative impressions about him so she replied honestly. “Yes, I would love that, thank you,”She said so, and stepped aside to help him with the stroller. 

He turned to the child and lifted the stroller up onto the steps. It was a handsome boy with startling blue eyes that held him ransom for the few heartbeats it took to climb the stairs — it felt like an eternity. 

“Thank you for helping me with the stroller, I’m Sally,”When they reached the top, the woman said. 

“I’m Jude and it was no bother,”He said, his eyes were on her baby. 

“Got any kids of your own Jude? Because you seem to feel awfully at home staring at mine,”Sally lifted her baby in her arms to hold him. 

Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

“I used to,”He said it so quietly, she would not have listened if he wasn’t paying attention.

“I’m so sorry,”She said, a shadow crossing over her countenance. 

“My wife and I lost our daughter a few months ago — she was 9, surgeon’s mistake,”He stated mechanically that he was trying dissociate himself from the pain. 

“Would you like to carry him?”Sally asked.

“I would.. love that,”He said it gratefully. 

As he returned the baby to his mother, he noticed something around his neck; it was a handmade chain attached to a pendant, and as Jude studied it, he turned pale. 

Jude found a handmade pendant attached to the baby’s neck and noticed it when he returned him to his mother. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

“Are you okay?”Sally asked. “You don’t look so good.” 

“Can I have a glass of water?”He asked the question shakily. 

“Of course, just a minute.” 

Jude flew home the next day with some important news for his spouse. “I had the weirdest encounter yesterday with a woman and her child,”When he got home, he told her. 

“The child had a handmade necklace around his neck — just like the one we buried with June,”He stated. 

“What?” Megan said, shocked. “That can’t be; it was a hand-made accessory my mom made me before she sent me to the orphanage. It has my initials on it and I received it when I came of age. There’s only one of it.”

“That woman did not strike me as a grave-digger,”Jude said it, and added after a brief silence. “Could it be that you have a sister?” 

Megan was intrigued by the idea and he took Megan to see the woman the next day. She discovered that the woman had a duplicate of the pendant, but it had different initials. 

Jude returned home and told his wife about the encounter with the woman, her child, when he got back. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

“This pendant seems important to you both so I feel it’s only right to tell you that I it was around my neck when I was sent to the orphanage as a child,”Sally explained it to them. 

“The thing is,”Jude said to Sally: “my wife also owned such a pendant but we buried it with our late child, which is why we’re shocked to see a replica.”

Thinking this was more than just a coincidence, they all decided to find out more, so they hired a private detective who took a picture of the cross, and after several days, returned with information about the place it was made. 

With Jude busy with work, the two women decided to go to the shop where they met a gray-haired old man. 

“I remember this piece,”He smiled slowly and said so. “I made three of it a long time ago for this woman who wanted it for her three kids.” 

“Three kids?”Sally asked. 

They were shocked to discover they had another sibling. Source: Shutterstock| Source: Shutterstock

When the man asked the question, he fixed his gaze on her with a deep, penetrative tone, and then he said that both women were very similar to him. “You have her chin,”Sally heard him say it, Megan heard it. “You have her eyes.” 

The women gasped, but the men continued. 

“She loved you very much and was very bothered about getting all three of you adopted which is why she sent you all to different orphanages. She made the necklaces in hopes that one day it might bring you together. I don’t usually do this but because you’re her kids, I’ll check my sale records and tell you her name.” 

The two women, stunned by the news, turned to each other. This meant that there was a third person who had the same cross — they had another sibling!

“Why did she leave us?”Megan asked.

“She was a sick woman and would not have survived long enough to raise you,”The man responded calmly and left to go over his records. 

The shop owner verified his sales record to verify the name of their mother. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

Soon, the two women were talking to the private detective again, giving him specific instructions about who he was to track down. “Her name is Lily Solander and she lived in Houston, Texas between 1999 and 2003,”They said it to him. 

Megan and Sally, who couldn’t believe their luck, began spending time together.  Their brother turned up in remote parts of the country. It was just in the right time. They found out that they would have lost him if they had just been a couple of days late because he had almost lost his will to live. 

He was homeless and didn’t have any prospects for his life. He had been adopted at an orphanage by a good family but after they died in an accident; their families kicked him out so they could get their wealth. 

Since then, he had lived on the streets and was unable to make ends meet. He learned the story of their mother and was moved to tears when he met them.  He wept bitterly as his sisters hugged him, grateful for their reunion.

Meanwhile, Jude, who had started this journey, sat in his car, watching over his wife’s sister’s child. “I’m not crying,”As he reached out for his tissue, he told his baby to be held in his arms. “You are.” 

Jude was close to tears as he held his sister’s baby in his arms. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story? 

  • Everything happens for an explanation. Although it was sad, Megan and her husband suffered a terrible loss that led to the discovery her siblings as well as her mother. It was a bright spot, a win for a woman who had just experienced the loss of something valuable. 
  • You never know where your kindness might take you.Jude had no idea where it would take him when he decided to help Sally that night. His reward for helping Sally was the discovery by his wife of her family. She had lost something precious, but in the end, gained something equally priceless — her family. 

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