Man grieves for his ‘dead’ wife, but she comes back to him alive 9 days after the ‘Funeral.

A husband was devastated when he learned that his wife had died. He was still grieving his loss and still mourning her death when he saw the shocking news one day. Continue reading to find out the rest of the story. 

Losing a loved is devastating. No matter how many years pass, it is possible to never completely heal from the loss, trauma, or grief of being away from loved ones. It is difficult to live with the emptyness that they have left behind. 

While time can heal all wounds according to the saying, every scar has a story. Some stories will stay with us forever. Despite the heart-wrenching pain, we try to hold onto the memories — the only reminder that we were lucky to share precious moments with our loved ones.

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Today’s story focuses on a man who grieves for his loved one and then receives a pleasant surprise when he most needed it. An unexpected piece of news broke the hearts of a Spanish family, and it happened in 2021. 

They were told that Rogelia Blanco, then 85 and a resident of the Xove care home in Galicia’s Ourense province, Spain, had December 13th, 2001 – Passed awaySource: Pexels after contracting coronavirus. 

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Two weeks earlier Rogelia was one of a number of elderly residentsFollowing their COVID-19 diagnoses, they are transferred to another facility. 

Ramon Blanco and his entire Blanco family were delighted to have Rogelia. “return from the dead,”The other woman’s family was broken apart.

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Ramon Blanco, Rogelia’s husband, was shocked to hear the heartbreaking news. He couldn’t believe his love had gone. The man in pain :

“I could not believe it. I was crying, after the death of my wife.”

According to La Voz de Galicia Rogelia’s funeral took place a day after her death. However, this was due to coronavirus protocols. Neither her husband nor her family members are hers. We were able attend. 

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A few days later, Ramon Blanco and his entire Blanco family experienced the greatest shock of their lives. Rogelia was very happy to be back at her home after she had been away.This unexpected incident happened nine days after the pensioner was informed by her family that she had been buried. 

The husband was shocked and speechless when he saw his wife in the living room of the elderly residential center. Ramon was shocked to learn that his wife had died. “alive and well”He will be back with you. But how is that possible? 

It turned out that the Blancos had been Rogelia’s demise was incorrectly reported to herAfter accidentally switching her identity with another woman being treated in the same room for COVID-19, the care home authorities made the mistake of removing her. 

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After Rogelia ContractCOVID-19, she was reported to have moved to another facility with other positive patients.

According to a statement issued by the San Rosendo Foundation, which runs the care home, the blunder happened after Rogelia and the other woman were transferred to share a room at the Os Gozos care facility in Pereiro de Aguiar, some 200 km from Xove, for treatment.

Further, the statement stated that An error in identification during transferPereiro de Aguiar to Xove led to one of the women’s deaths being certified on January 13th, though their identities were misplaced.

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It was also reported that the foundation expressed deep regret for the unfortunate incident and the inconvenience it caused to the families of both women. The court was also informed. ReversingRogelia’s untimely death was a mistake. 


Ramon Blanco and his entire Blanco clan were Rogelia is a delight “return from the dead,”The other woman’s family was devastated. She was finally rescued. Identified as a 90-year-old lady, Concepción Arias, also known as Conchita. Conchita was notified by her brother of her passing. :

“They told me she had recovered. But when I travelled to the care home to visit her I discovered that actually she had died ten days ago and been buried under another name.”

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While Ramon and his family had every reason to celebrate Rogelia’s arrival, the pain Conchita’s family endured was heart-rending. We send our sincere condolences and wishes for them. 

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