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Blindly, a family man gave his car keys to an unknown woman. She begged for his help. The next day, his wife knocked on his front door and revealed something that made him feel chills.

You rarely meet someone who would be willing to trust their expensive car with an unknown stranger. It is important to make sure your car is not left in the hands of strangers, especially with car thefts on a rise.

There are exceptions to the rule, such as Scott Davis (33), who was approached by an unknown woman for his car keys. Citing an analogue, “emergency.”

The Charleston-based family man was blind to the consequences of his reckless decision. He gave the keys to his Toyota Camry, instead of asking the woman more questions. The night turned out to have been a nightmare as her husband showed up at his house the next day with shocking news.

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Scott and Rebecca, their wife, were out shopping on Saturday night at the local supermarket with their children. Because it was their Saturday, Scott and Rebecca decided to stockpile groceries for the whole week.

“And how do you know my wife? Wait a minute…what’s going on?”Scott was shocked.

“Hey, honey, careful with the bags,”Scott said the following his wife to their car. Their children, Maria and Dave, carried large shopper bags, while Maria and Maria hopped behind carrying their lollipops.

“I think we will run out of fuel,”Scott stated. “We will fill it up on the way, okay? And if you want to visit the parlor meanwhile, I can wait.”As he was about unlocking his car, a young, unknown woman wearing a red hoodie ran to him and demanded help.

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“Please help me,”The woman broke down. “Please give me your car keys. There is an emergency.”

Scott and Rebecca looked at each other in disbelief. They stared at each other in disbelief, and they wondered what the woman was talking of.

“Wa-wait…Do I know you?”Scott asked the lady. “I-I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can give you my car.”

“No, please,”The woman begged. “My name is Amanda, and I need a car urgently to drive my son to the hospital.”

Scott was stunned. “To the hospital?”He screamed in anguish. “What happened to your son?”He added.

“He is right there,”Amanda pointed out a corner in the parking garage. Scott and Rebecca followed her. What they saw was enough to send chills down their spines.

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“Oh my God…Here, take my car keys. And get me your phone number. I’ll message you my address,”Scott said this, and handed the keys to his expensive car over to the woman. After seeing Amanda’s infant son in a pool full of blood, Scott became more restless. He seemed to have fallen and injured his head.

Rebecca was also suspicious. “Honey, I don’t think it is a good idea to just trust a stranger,”She spoke. “The last time you did the same thing, it took us a week to find our old car that was stolen by the person who begged you for a lift. This is new, and I don’t want you to take a risk again.”

“Chill, honey,”Scott stated. “I’m just trying to help. She doesn’t look like a robber to me. She just gave me her number.”He then handed the keys over to the woman, assuring that he had followed his instincts and done the right thing.

“Thanks, I’ll never forget your help,”Amanda said these words as she placed her son Tom and her two daughters, who were both injured, in the backseat. “Thank you so much,”As she drove past the supermarket gate, she smiled.

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“What do we do now?”Rebecca was unsure if her husband would accept it. “I hope she returns our car. Or else, you’re going to learn a very important lesson the hard way.”

Scott was concerned after listening to his wife. He was concerned when he saw Amanda smile as he left, even though he thought she was worried about her son.

He still felt suspicious about how the event happened so quickly, and he hoped that his wife wasn’t right. He went back to Tom and leaned slightly to confirm. The crimson liquid he was seeing wasn’t blood. It was an odorless, red liquid dye.

“Oh, Jeez…I should have listened to you…I think we’ve been robbed,”He shouted and dialed 911.

“Robbed?” Rebecca shouted. “Oh no, then our car? I told you, and it’s all your fault.”

The police arrived on the scene and started investigating. Scott was unable to sleep the next night because of the events that occurred.

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“Yes, officer, that’s right,”Scott stated. “She said her name was Amanda, and her child was injured. Here, this is the spot.”

The officers examined the crimson stain. “Well, it looks like a well-planned theft. Let’s check the CCTV footage,””

They were shocked to discover that the camera in this area of the parking lot was currently being repaired. Scott lost his best chance to track down Amanda. After the officers promised him that they would soon find their car, Scott took a taxi to get home with his family.

Scott was disappointed when he tried to track his car using the Locator feature, but it failed. He couldn’t think anything else but to wait to hear back from the police.

“Damn! Her number is switched off,”He yelled. He was very anxious throughout the evening. He checked outside often to see if there were any updates.

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Scott’s nightmare turned into a nightmare as he thought about his car stolen. “I knew she looked suspicious,” Rebecca said. “I have told you not to trust strangers several times, and you never listen to me.”

“Honey, please, can you stop?” Scott grinned. “I’m already upset, and right now, I can only think of a way to get back our car. Please stop annoying me.”

Scott had a sleepless night, and he fell asleep in dismay when a car parked outside his home the next day. It sounded all too familiar.

“Honey, wake up,” Rebecca shouted. “Scott, wake up. I think someone is outside.”They were anxious and walked to the main door. Scott was stunned when he opened the door.

“Oh my God! Our car!”He screamed in shock. “And who are you?”He said it, staring at the man who got out of his seat. Scott gasped in shock when he saw Amanda getting down with her three children.

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“You???”Scott shouted at the woman. “How dare you steal my car? I trusted you. Wait until I report you to the cops.”

The man with Amanda came in, and Scott was immediately calmed down. “Mr. Davis. Please calm down. I’m Ralph Moore, and this is my wife, Amanda,”The man said. “Hey, Mrs. Davis! How are you?”

“Your wife???”Scott was shocked. “And how do you know my wife? Wait a minute…what’s going on?”

“Yes. Can we please go in and talk for a minute? I’ll explain everything.”

Scott, unsure and anxious about the situation, invited the strangers into Scott’s home.

“Your wife staged your son’s injury and took my car away last evening,” Scott complained. “We already reported to the police, but I don’t understand what’s going on now.”

“Yes, Mr. Davis. I got the complaint,”Ralph said.

“You got the complaint? What do you mean?” Scott asked. He was shocked when he discovered another truth.

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“I am from the department. Amanda and your wife are friends. We were actually filming a short film to spread awareness on why people should not trust strangers with their cars or anything for that matter,”Officer Ralph said. “You must be aware of the surging car thefts in our place. So, we had decided to film a staged theft that looks real with authentic people to spread the message!”

Officer Ralph and his team had been at the parking lot filming Scott’s reaction after the theft. Rebecca was well aware of the theft and had teamed up to help spread awareness. She wanted to teach Scott an important lesson about why he should never trust strangers.

“Our main message was not to trust strangers and the importance of calling 911 during an emergency. You just did what we had in mind!”The officer was also added. “Scammers can approach innocent people in disguise, and we wanted to spread awareness.”

“Good gracious, officer! I almost lost it thinking my car was stolen,”Scott exclaimed in relief.

“Well, Mr. Davis. I appreciate your genuine participation. We would’ve returned your car yesterday itself, but it had broken down. As a token of gratitude, we filled it with fuel and fixed it, so it took a whole night at the garage,”The officer made a joke.

Short film quickly became popular on department’s social media pages. Scott and his family were also mentioned. “actors”Please see the disclaimer. Scott was well-known for his sincere responses when a stranger asked for help.

Scott and those who watched the short film realized the importance of not blindly trusting strangers from that point on. He and Ralph became close friends and often discussed new ways to spread awareness.

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What can we take away from this story?

  • Be kind and trustworthy, but be sure to help others. Scott blindly gave Amanda his car keys when Amanda tried to save her son from injury.
  • Without verifying their identity, do not blindly trust anyone. Amanda approached Scott to get his keys. Her main goal was to secretly film his reactions and spread awareness about why strangers should not be trusted blindly.

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