Man Gets Paternity Test and Kicks Wife out – Later Decides to Take the Test Twice

A husband took a DNA paternity test and kicked out his wife & newborn baby after seeing the results. Then he took two more tests, and the results left him speechless.

After explaining why he went against all the odds to get a paternity test done on his newborn baby, a man was compelled to deal with an angry mob of social media users.

Redditor fenqojfjnqe was thrilled when his wife told him she was pregnant. He promised her he would commit 100 percent to their baby and marriage just like how she wanted. But as time passed, he had a weird feeling that this baby could not be his.

The husband kicked his wife & newborn out after seeing his DNA test results | Source: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) first gave readers a bit of clarity on his relationship with his wife of ten years. Surprisingly, she was his college sweetheart, whom he claimed was supportive, classy, and an amazing wife.

But just like any other couple in their sturdiest of marriages, even OP and his wife had a rough patch which he claimed was mainly due to specific undisclosed issues on his end.

It was precisely at this time when OP’s wife announced her pregnancy. He was delighted and decided to keep the baby after he assured her about his love and support for them throughout. However, with every passing day, OP began suspecting his wife’s loyalty but never spoke a word about it for months.

OP was thrilled when his wife announced her pregnancy | Source: Pexels

Even after the baby was born, the dad was uncomfortable holding him close to his chest. His gut feeling prompted that the newborn was unlikely his, and after much thought, he told his wife that he wanted a paternity test.

After a mind-numbing wait, OP received the DNA test results. Unable to believe its accuracy, he waited for the second set of results to arrive.

OP’s wife was shaken, and although she didn’t see this storm coming from her husband, she told him to get it done to bring the burden off his mind. But two weeks later, the test revealed OP wasn’t the baby’s father, much to her horror.

OP could barely hold his baby as he was constantly suspicious of his paternity | Source: Unsplash

The episode after the revelation was nothing short of horrific for OP. He absolutely lost it and constantly pressured his wife about what he’d done wrong. In contrast, his wife kept herself busy comforting the child, and he wasn’t pleased with her reaction.

Thus, he kicked her and the child out of his house in the spur of the moment. The situation barely cooled down when his wife reached out the next day and told him to redo the test with another company.

OP thought he had nothing to lose anymore and believed that another DNA test would only help him walk through a smooth divorce. Still, he had his doubts and sent two separate DNA samples: one to the company his wife suggested and the other to one of his choice.

After being kicked out by OP, the wife asked him to take another DNA test elsewhere & recheck the accuracy of the results | Source: Unsplash

After a mind-numbing wait, OP received the DNA test results. Unable to believe its accuracy, he waited for the second set of results to arrive. 

After rummaging through the results, he called his wife and told her that he was the child’s father. But to his dismay, she refused to move back in, upset over his previous suspicions and actions towards her. She was hell-bent on filing for a divorce, though he tried to justify his reactions.

Confused, he turned to Reddit, hoping people would add more weight to his reasoning. Unsurprisingly, the online community vented its most brutal opinions against him.

OP’s wife was determined to file for divorce following his reaction to the wrong DNA test result | Source: Pexels

“You kicked your wife and baby out of your shared house. You do not get to just go back to how things were,” Redditor moongirl12 stated.

“How can your (soon to be ex, I hope) wife trust you or feel safe with you after you flew off the handle and made her homeless in response to a false test?” user PterodactylHexameter lashed out, adding:

“You were entitled to your feelings, but your reaction was out of line…She and the kid are better off without you; you don’t sound like a person who should be trusted with children.”

People lashed out at OP for questioning his wife’s loyalty | Source: Unsplash

After reading the thread, OP felt obliged to answer their questions, but his response failed to convince the furious commenters.

“She wasn’t homeless. I knew she’d go stay with her mom…Would you let your cheating wife stay in the house with you, or would you ask her to leave?” he challenged.

Meanwhile, very few turned supporters in this case and asked the internet if they would still roast OP online if the other two tests also revealed he wasn’t the baby’s father.

People bombarded OP with furious questions while only a handful sided with him in his plight | Source: Pexels

“Say, the follow-up tests conclusively showed him not to be the father. Would he still be the [expletive] in this situation? Because he reacted to what he thought was the truth and is trying to make it up now that he realized the “truth” was wrong,” Redditor CrotchetyYoungFart said.

In the end, OP realized he’d wronged his wife and baby with his incredible reactions to the false paternity test results and decided to fix things.

“I’m planning on discussing it with her later and trying to convince her to work on it with me when I go see my son,” he concluded.

In the end, OP not only realized he’d wronged his wife & baby but also decided to fix the damage he’d caused to their relationship | Source: Unsplash

Is a single paternity test enough to verify the parentage of a child?

In OP’s case, he’d initially believed the first DNA test results to be accurate and, in a fit of rage over the outcome, kicked his wife and baby out. However, he realized he was the baby’s biological father only after opting for two more different paternity tests.

Do you think OP bred trust issues in his wife that may or may not heal?

The people who lashed out at OP online for his reaction to the false DNA test also said he’d bred trust issues in his wife and endangered her commitment to their marriage. Some even asked him why she would trust him when he didn’t have faith in her and highlighted how he needed to first work on the assurance in his marriage. How would you react to a similar plight if you were the wife in this story?

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