Mama June’s Sister Doe Doe Serves as Grandma To Pumpkin’s Twins

Mama June Shannon has proven that she is flexible and will go where she wants. Though she admitted it was her daughter’s news to tell, she did spill the beans. June confirmed the news that Lauryn was alive after much speculation. ‘Pumpkin’Efird was blessed with twins in May 19th. She has seen them only once since then. That is why, when push came to shove, it was June’s sister, Doe Doe who stepped into grandma mode and rushed to the rescue.

Mama June Doing Her Own Thing

June is a real person who cares about her own well-being, as you can see on her reality TV show. She claims that she wants people to recover, but it is a sacrifice for her children. She had promised her daughters she would be more present after she got out of Geno Doak’s toxic environment. When she met Jordan, however, she fell back into the same old traps and he seemed to need her. She flew to Alabama to spend 50K on him, only to have him get engaged to another woman. She did find her soulmate in Justin Stroud and that was a plus. But, her kids didn’t want to see her. She returned for Alana’s sixteenth birthday which she was not invited to but crashed anyway.

She was becoming too combative and she decided to leave with her new boyfriend who was waiting in the car. The episode ended with her discovering that she had Covid, and possibly gave it to others. Everyone was safe at the intimate party. Though it broke Alana’s heart, it was what had to be done. In the next episodes, it appears that the family will attempt to break off all ties with June. Fortunately, they have a great support system within each other and that includes June’s sister Doe Doe. She was doing all she could on Alana’s birthday to make her laugh and smile. Now it seems she has come to Pumpkin’s rescue, as well.

Grandma Doe Doe Saves a Day

Mama June confirmed that Pumpkin has twins via TikTok. She was tired of people claiming she didn’t care about her family or making up rumors. She did admit that she saw the twins on the day they were born, as Justin and she had a vacation planned. When they got home, they had to stay in Alabama to deal with some stuff on Justin’s behalf. According to June, she has not yet returned to Georgia. According to The SunAunt Doe Doe came to Pumpkin’s rescue when she was in desperate need of baby necessities.


The family was able to see her dropping off baby wipes and diapers from her minivan. It was filled to the brim. The goodies were transported inside the house by the family. Pumpkin is currently overwhelmed and would benefit from extra assistance. She was given sole custody of Alana, her little sister, a month before she gave birth to her twins. ‘Honey Boo Boo.’Since 2019, she has been her guardian, but June now officially supports her. It’s great to see family sticking together through it all. Doe Does are the perfect companion for June.

Is it surprising that June hasn’t returned? Let us know, and we’ll watch. Mama June: Road to RedemptionFridays on WeTV

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