Mama Devastated by a String of Miscarriages Discovers She’s Pregnant with Six Babies at Once

The couple was eager to expand their family and could not wait to be parents again. They had multiple miscarriages, and were devastated. They were then surprised to find a warm surprise. 

There is no way to know what the future holds. Sometimes, it can seem difficult to hold onto hope when you are going through long periods of trauma, pain, and loss. There is a way out of any hardship and things will eventually get better. 

People can be transformed by some of life’s most difficult and heartbreaking experiences. Today’s story illustrates a similar theme. It is about the power to believe, trust, love and miracles. 

Courtney Waldrop and Eric. Source: UK | Source: uk


Courtney Waldrop and Eric Waldrop were more than your typical couple. Although they were not high school sweethearts or college sweethearts in the traditional sense, Eric and Courtney had been together since childhood. They were both in the same middle schools when they met. 

Eric said that Courtney and he had only ever had eyes for one another since eighth grade. Courtney also admitted that it was love at the first sight. Eric proposed to his sweetheart while they were both enrolled at Auburn University. 


One month after June 2004’s college graduation, they were married. After four years of marriage, the Waldrops welcomed their second child in December 2008 after having been married for four years. Saylor Waldrop is a boy. Almost a year later, they decided to try for another child. 

Before the run, color smoke bombs that indicated the gender of their babies were released into the air. 

As they tried to grow their small family, Courtney had a series of heartbreaking miscarriages.Eric and her emotional well-being were affected. She was later diagnosed with a blood disorder. 


Regarding her continuous struggle to conceive and the emotional trauma she endured along the way, Courtney Telled PEOPLE: 

“It was devastating because I can get pregnant so easily, I just can’t hold on to them. It was upsetting, but we had experienced it before and I knew I had a medical issue that contributed to it.”

The couple, from Albertville in Alabama, refused to give up, and sought medical assistance despite their circumstances. Courtney was able to carry her twins full-term thanks to fertility drugs. 


In January 2012, Courtney and Eric were blessed with twin boys, They became a family with five children, Wales and Bridge Waldrop. But the couple was still not done having kids. According to the Waldrops, they always dreamed of having a large family. Courtney TelledWHNT news:

“I knew I wanted a houseful. I’ve always wanted a big family. I’m the only child, and I just wanted a house full of kids.”

They said that they would have to use fertility drugs again if they wanted to have another child. Courtney was prescribed a low dose of fertility drugs this time, which she stated would reduce the likelihood of multiple births. 


Courtney & Eric were astonished to discover this during their ultrasound in spring 2017.They were expecting sextuplets. They were shocked and concerned by the shocking news. Courtney recalled:

“I was scared to death. I’m a smaller framed girl, and my first thoughts were on how I was going to successfully get six kids here without something happening to them or me. There was a lot of fear. We didn’t know what to do or think.”

The joy of the moment quickly became clouded by the possibility of having six babies at once. This includes strokes, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. 


According to the Waldrops, doctors recommended that they choose selective reduction. This reduces the number foetuses in order to increase survival chances for others. Although it was difficult, the couple knew exactly what to do. Courtney expressed:

“Our faith in God is very strong, and we never would have thought we would have considered that.”

Courtney and Eric were thankful to the doctors for all their explanations. But they decided it was best to trust their faith and let go of any fears. Alabama woman shared: 

“When we let it go and turned it all over to [God], those fears—though we know the risks are still there—were lifted from us.”

After waiting a few weeks, the parents received another ultrasound and couldn’t stop staring at the pictures of their future children’s adorable fingers and toes.


April 26, 2017 The couple and their friends HeldNighttime 5K Run In their close-knit Albertville community, they raised funds for the family. Before the run, the babies’ gender was revealed by colored smoke bombs that were released into the air. 

Courtney and Eric would like to thank their amazing community and their loved ones for all their support. Courtney was asked her name choices before she welcomed her six angels in winter 2017. She RespondedIt was: 

“I just want them to be healthy, healthy, healthy. That’s all I can ask for.”


Courtney and Eric WelcomeTheir fraternal trio (three brothers, three sisters) reached 30 weeks of age in December 2017. Their hit series aired the Waldrops in September 2018 “Sweet Home Sextuplets,” These aired for three seasons on TLC. 

The nine-member family continues to grow and enjoys celebrating small and big moments. Courtney and Eric love winter for the holidays of Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Also, all nine of their children have their birthdays in winter. 


The couple work hard to care for their many children. Eric runs his own maintenance and landscaping business, while Courtney, who worked as an elementary school teacher before becoming a mom, has started her own small business selling handmade jewelry, clothing, and other accessories. 

It is difficult to manage a family of eleven.The Waldrops thoroughly enjoy their tripWe are thankful to God for nine wonderful miracles.

Indeed, miracles happen every day, If something is taken from you, have faith that you will be rewarded with something more. We send our heartfelt wishes to this beautiful family, and we hope they continue to grow in love. 


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