Major Update on Washington Commanders’ Plan for New Stadium

The Washington Commanders are taking big steps to get a new stadium. During the offseason, ESPN reported that the team paid over $100 million for 200 acres of land in Virginia, meaning a new stadium could be built in the area along with apartments retail shops and restaurants. It’s also possible the Commanders will buy another 65 to 70 acres of land located 23 miles from Washington D.C. 

If the new stadium is built, the plan is to reportedly have a dome stadium that seats $60,000 fans. Washington wants to leave FedEx Field but in order to build a new stadium in Prince William County, Virginia, the team needs to find out how much money the county and state are willing to commit. The Commanders are also looking to build a practice facility and amphitheater that seats between 15,000 and 20,000 people. 

The Commanders currently play at FedEx Field in Summerfield, Maryland and have been then since 1997. The team owns the stadium, but their contract to play at the site expires in 2026. The Commanders can agree to extend the contract if needed, which is good considering the team needs to officially agree to a site. Washington is also looking at other sites in Virginia as well as Maryland and Washington D.C.

“Whether it’s Maryland, D.C. or Virginia, this is first and foremost about what they need to create in terms of economic outcomes for the next 30 years for their citizens,” Commanders president Jason Wright said to WUSA9-TV last year. “It needs to be aligned with the objectives of community leaders and government leaders.”  

Wright also talked about the process of finding a site in either Washington D.C. Maryland and Virginia. “The dollar amounts mean something different based on the nature of the site, so it’s really about the community telling us what their vision is,” Wright said. “It’s not about giving Dan money. It’s about providing a destination experience for the community.”

ESPN says the Commanders would love to return to Washington D.C. at the RFK Stadium site. That was their home from 1961 to 96, but returning there would be challenging considering that’s federal land. The stadium was closed in 2019 and is expected to be demolished sometime this year. 


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