Mahogany & Ben Rathbun Team Up for a New Venture in “90 Day Fiance”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 91 Days stars Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca’s love story was extremely ill-fated. After the tell-all, it seemed that they would never see each other again. What is their plan to work together again? Continue reading to learn how they are collaborating.

Ben Hopes that Mahogany will Be His 90 Day Fiance

Ben was a happy divorcee when Mahogany seemed like the right match. He loved her beauty and religion, even though they were thirty years apart. They began communicating online, then by telephone. He was shocked when she refused to video chat with her, which was a huge red flag to everyone who knew him. Although she claimed she was shy, she could pose and be provocative in photos and on social media. He was also able to borrow money from her, which she said was a loan. He finally made the decision to visit her in Peru.

She didn’t pick him up at airport. It was almost like she didn’t exist and had no plans to meet him. He learned that she was much younger than she claimed. She had also used a lot filters, so she didn’t look exactly like her pictures. He was also very strong, and he left her heartbroken. Ben was ghosted again when he returned to Peru, but she showed up and they had a wonderful time together. He promised not to take any cameras. As she found out on the tell-all, this was a fabrication. They looked like they had ended and he was arrested shortly after for DUI. It appears that the two are now reconnected.

Are You Ready to Get Back Together?

The status of Ben and Mahogany are still unknown. They answer questions about their seasons and Mahogany’s character are always open to debate. They decided to create a website. YouTubeChannel together according to Monsters & Critics. This is to end all the rumors and get into the details. They also want to share what has happened since cameras vanished.


Apparently, a lot went on with Ben’s family since the show aired while Mahogany defends her standoffish behavior toward the man she claimed to be interested in. After episode one, viewers already had plenty to say.

  • “I hope this relationship fails…. this guy is just so sad and desperate to watch as a man”
  • “Really? How much is TLC paying you two to keep this sham going”

It remains to be seen if this will spark a new flame. Do you want to watch their channel? Let us know if you are interested in watching new episodes. 90-Day FianceSundays on TLC

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