‘MAFS’ Speculation Mounts Jasmina Did Michael Dirty after Decision Day

The MAFS Many fans were stunned by the results of Season 14’s decision day. Some of the decisions they didn’t agree with and a few they did. Everyone is now waiting for the big reunion. Rumours are circulating that things may have changed after decision day. Continue reading for more information. Warning! Warning!

MAFS decision day brings some surprises

There were many big surprises in the MAFS decision day. Everyone knew by now that Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman ended their marriage in the early stages of the process. These two seem to have destroyed a perfect season, so to speak.

Four out of five couples chose to remain married on their decision day. Jasmina, Michael are the big surprise. Jasmina had questioned her knowledge of Michael enough to allow them to be married.

Jasmina & Michael via Youtube 

Also, check out the Instagram account MAFSfan, They were spoilerJasmina was wrong and Michael was right. They reported that the couple did not get married. Many fans were happy to see that the spoiler was incorrect. Fans were rooting for Jasmina to win, despite the turbulence that their marriage brought. Things may not always go as planned.

The speculation mounts about what happened following the decision day

Jasmina & Michael were together on the decision day, but are they still together? At this time, nobody knows the truth. According to previous reports, Jasmina was seen with Olajuwon, Katina, and at the Los Angeles airport after the reunion taping. Jasmina was not reportedly with Michael and wasn’t wearing a ring.

'MAFS' Speculation Mounts Jasmina Did Michael Dirty after Decision Day

Even more speculation is emerging. MAFSfan They shared the January message that they received about Jasmina and Michael. The message was not given much thought, but they now find themselves wondering.

After the decision day, Jasmina and Michael had made a change in their lives. The message stated that Jasmina wanted to appear a certain way on TV. Jasmina was also accused of being manipulative. The message claimed that she had done Michael dirty. However, the source they spoke with didn’t want to reveal what actually happened. The sender of the message stated that they received the information through someone who claimed to be Michael.

'MAFS' Speculation Mounts Jasmina Did Michael Dirty after Decision Day

Keep in mind that this is just speculation. Nothing is confirmed. Fans will find out more about the reunion show when it airs on May 18.

What do you think? Do you think there is any truth in the message? Are they still married or divorced?




'MAFS' Speculation Mounts Jasmina Did Michael Dirty after Decision Day
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