Madeleine McCann kidnapped by an accomplice, prosecution suggests – World News

When German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters was asked by Portugal TV investigator Sandra Felgueiras if Madeleine McCann was sold to Christian Brueckner, he replied ‘Maybe, it’s a possibility’

Christian Brueckner currently resides in a high security prison in Germany

Madeleine McCann, the victim, was kidnapped with an accomplice and then sold to the main suspect. A prosecutor who is building the case against McCann suggests this.

Christian Paedophile Brueckner is currently being held in Praia Da Luz for raping a pensioner. Madeleine was last seen there in 2007.

Last month, the 45 year-old was elected to the Board of Directors. “arguido”It is also known as “named suspect”, “formal suspect”Oder “person of interest”Portuguese authorities involved in the disappearance and rescue of Madeleine.

Hans Christian Wolters, a German prosecutor, told Sandra Felgueiras, a Portugal TV reporter that he couldn’t comment on the speculation.

She asked Mr Wolters if Madeleine had been sold to the suspect. He replied “Maybe, it’s a possibility.”

Madeleine McCann vanished 15 years ago



Madeleine vanished in May 2007 while on a family vacation.

Brueckner denied any involvement in the disappearance Madeleine.

It was revealed this week that Brueckner is reportedly now writing a “bestseller”Behind bars in Oldenburg, north Germany’s high-security prison Olive Press reports.

Madeleine’s parents Kate McCann and Gerry McCann



According to Spanish media outlets, the suspect wrote a six-page note to an American blogger in which he claimed that his book would be published. “bestseller”Better than any John Grisham book.

Brueckner allegedly claimed that he was also the most well-known German. “Hitler was Austrian”.

Brueckner was named an “arguido”Portuguese authorities took the decision to suspend Madeleine’s services last month. This move is believed to be related to Madeleine’s 15th anniversary.

Madeleine McCann kidnapped by an accomplice, prosecution suggests - World News
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This has significant legal implications. While in Germany, there is no time limit on a murder charge. In Portugal, however, there is a strict limit of 15 years.

After mobile phone records showed that he was in Praia Da Luz the night Maddie disappeared, German police first identified him as a prime suspect in 2020.

He has not been charged despite numerous inquiries.

Recently, the Portuguese authorities confirmed that they will continue their inquiries amid reports that Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange investigation will be wound up this autumn.

Brueckner is still facing charges in Portugal for the 2004 rape of an Irish citizen.

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