Machine Gun Kelly reveals heartbreaking details about his last encounter with Taylor Hawkins

Machine Gun Kelly was another famous star to pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins. While sitting down to an interview, “The Howard Stern Show” in March, Kelly opened up about the fact that threatening weather had prevented him from performing at Paraguay’s Asunciónico music festival where The Foo Fighters were also supposed to take the stage. Kelly actually performed his act while The Foo Fighters were supposed to be there. This would have been a memorable moment for the young star.

MGK was disappointed by the outcome. “super bummed,”He explained that Dave Grohl from The Foo Fighters asked him to meet at the festival instead, and he agreed. Kelly said that Kelly had recalled this. “I walked up, and we got out the elevator, all 20 of us, and Taylor, Dave, the whole Foo Fighters team but specifically Taylor, he went up to every single one of us and gave us each our moment. Like, every single one of us, down to my assistant. … ‘You’re from Topanga? Oh, I’m from Topanga.’ Dude, he’s such a beautiful soul.”

Kelly said that Hawkins was their father and that Kelly wanted them to know. “great man, and we were all lucky to know him.”Fans were definitely touched. TwitterTo admit that they “sob[bed] watching this interview,”While another is just Noted, “good for him paying tribute Taylor Hawkins.”


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