LSU Coach Brian Kelly’s New Southern Accent Has Social Media Rolling

Brian Kelly is the new head coach of the LSU Tigers football team after leaving Notre Dame. And while he’s been the head coach for less than a week, Kelly is already starting to sound like the LSU community. On Wednesday, Kelly appeared at an LSU basketball game and spoke to the fans at halftime. And while Kelly was speaking, social media noticed that their new head coach had a southern accent. 

This led to wide reactions for college football fans as many believe he was faking the accent since he never sounded like that when he was the coach at Notre Dame or Cincinnati. But LSU fans won’t mind the accent as long as he can deliver a national championship. 

“I could not be more excited to join a program with the commitment to excellence, rich traditions, and unrivaled pride and passion of LSU Football,” Kelly said when introduced as LSU’s coach. “I am fully committed to recruiting, developing, and graduating elite student-athletes, winning championships, and working together with our administration to make Louisiana proud. Our potential is unlimited, and I cannot wait to call Baton Rouge home.”  Here’s a look at social media going after Kelly for his new accent. 

The Story

Kevin Clark also said: “I know this is said a lot on the internet but I am actually in tears laughing at this video. He’s had the job for five days and he’s doing Val Kilmer’s ‘I’m Your Huckleberry’ bit from Tombstone.”


On the First Day

One person wrote: “Recruits will see right through him. Their parents aren’t gonna trust him. LSU can’t afford the buyout. There’s a long cold winter coming to Baton Rouge and they don’t do well with the cold.”



Clay Travis continued: “Watching Brian Kelly’s awful Southern accent has me thinking, who has the worst Southern accent in movie or TV history? I think it might be Kevin Spacey in House of Cards. Who are your other nominees?”


Please Explain

Sports talk host and Food Network personality Steak Shapiro wrote: “Brian Kelly Southern accent Twitter explosion has been extremely entertaining.”


Keep It Up

Will Brinson continued: “I want him to take this as far as possible. ‘Weeeell now we didn’t love what we did on offense today but as sure as I love a crawfish I tell you we’ll figure it out. Sho nuff.’



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