‘LPBW’ Sneak Peek Matt Roloff Shows Up At Zach’s, Is Feud Over?

The following is an LPBW sneak peek, Matt Roloff makes an appearance at his son Zach’s home. This could mean that their feud is over. You can see the preview of the Tuesday, July 12th episode of Little People, Big World. 

If you’ve been watching LPBWSeason 23 of TLC’s drama between Zach and Matt is probably well-known. There’s been a lot of tension between the father and son over the future of Roloff Farms. Zach hoped to purchase the property for his own family, but that didn’t work out.

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Now, Matt has listed part of the property for sale, suggesting that it won’t be going to one of his four kids. Zach has moved his growing family to a new Washington State home.

In the midst of the drama between Zach & Matt, there is the LPBW patriarch showed up at his son’s new house. Their feud is officially over.

LPBW Preview: Are Matt & Zach Roloff Done Feuding?

Ahead of the July 12 episode of TLC’s Little People, Big WorldThe network also gave a sneak peak at YouTube and social media.

In the preview, Matt heads to Zach’s new house. Zach shows his dad his new house.Matt enjoys spending time with Jackson, Lilah and their grandkids. 

Matt confesses that Jackson is missing him at the farm. He talks about how much time they used to spend at his farm with their grandson. However, things have drastically changed. 

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Zach says, “We don’t go to the farm at all as a family anymore.”He says that it was “time to separate from it and be done with it.” 

The LPBWPreview, Zach tells his dad that his third baby is a dwarf. 

Matt offers to watch his grandchildren while he is away. However, it doesn’t sound like Zach is into that idea. 

The Roloff-son opens up and confesses, “My dad offered to do an overnight with the kids, and even though our relationship is in a better spot, I don’t think that’s a realistic option right now.”

Matt Roloff Creates Tension With Zach [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]

He says then, “We obviously want Grandpa to be in our kids’ lives, but how the relationship was before with both of them, I don’t think we’re there.”  

So, it sounds like their relationship is better in some ways, but it’s still not back to normal yet.

You can Watch the preview video hereOr down below.

Do you think that things are getting better between Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff now? Is it possible that their relationship will ever return to normal? Please comment below with your thoughts. And don’t miss new episodes of LPBWTLC and Discovery+ Tuesdays

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