‘LPBW’ Fans Shame Amy Roloff For Taking Joy From Isabel & Jacob

LPBW fans are shaming Amy Roloff for taking the joy of announcing the birth of their son away from Isabel and Jacob. Why do fans believe Amy stole this joy away from Jacob and his wife? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

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Amy Roloff originally spilled the beans

As we previously reported, it was Amy Roloff who originally spilled the beans on the birth of Isabel and Jacob’s son. The detail slipped out as she discussed hoping her daughter Molly would come around to meet the newest members of the family. Considering Tori Roloff is nowhere near being ready to give birth, LPBW fans had no choice but to assume Amy was referring to Isabel and Jacob’s son.

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Did she force Jacob and Isabel’s hand?

Isabel and Jacob Roloff took to Instagram at 4am shortly after his mother Amy spilled the beans to officially introduce their son to the world. It was in that post that both new parents reflected on parenthood. And, it was in that post that both parents revealed the name of their baby boy. Isabel Roloff also got candid about their birth plan not really working out, but she understood things like that just happened sometimes.

Despite Jacob saying the public would never meet their son, Isabel’s post did come with a snapshot of the little guy. Unfortunately for fans hoping for a sweet baby picture… It was nothing more than his little hand.

Isabel Roloff
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

Amy Roloff dragged for spoiling the news

Now, Little People, Big World fans were not exactly thrilled with Amy stealing this moment of joy out from under Isabel and Jacob. Frustrated fans, however, fessed up to the fact that they were too surprised either. Fans exclaimed it was “typical” of Amy to steal the joy of a baby announcement away from her own children.

One LPBW fan noted that they hoped Chris Marek learned the truth about who the monster he married was before it was too late.

Here’s some of what frustrated fans had to say:

  • “After watching Amy all these years one can read a person well. She has to be the center of attention. Shame on her for doing another stunt on putting herself in control.”
  • “Typical Amy for releasing info about new baby. This was done deliberately by Amy. She is real shrewd and I hope her husband catches on and puts her in her place.”

Another fan congratulated Isabel and Jacob while sending condolences regarding Amy’s decision to steal this joy from them.

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Do you think Amy Roloff intentionally stole this moment from Isabel and Jacob? Or, are fans overreacting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

‘LPBW’ Fans Shame Amy Roloff For Taking Joy From Isabel & Jacob
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