‘LPBW:’ Audrey Roloff Blasted For Atrocious Lie About Zach & Tori

LPBW Audrey Roloff, an alum, is under severe fire for lying about Zach and Tori. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Audrey Roloff did a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories recently. During that Q&A session, one of her followers asked how things were between Jeremy and his siblings. The TLC former personality was happy to answer that question. Chatter Reddit, however, reveals fans aren’t buying what Audrey Roloff is selling. Fans believe that what she said about Zach, Tori was a fabrication.

What was her exact message?

Audrey Roloff explained to her followers that Jacob and Isabel are her closest friends. She explained that there wasn’t some juicy family drama to explain this reasoning. Both Molly, Zach and their families lived in different states. It was only natural for her to live near the sibling who lived closest to her.

Audrey Roloff/Credit TLC YouTube/Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff (Credit Tori Roloff Instagram)

LPBW Fans claim Audrey Roloff is lying

On RedditLPBW Audrey Roloff’s bologna is getting a lot of fans. Fans pointed out that claiming Zach and Tori live somewhere else is a convenient excuse. Others pointed out that Zach, Tori and Audrey live approximately 45 minutes to an hours away from Audrey. She, however, made it seem like they weren’t close because they lived on the other side of the United States.

Here’s what frustrated fans had to say about the atrocious lie:

  • “Out of state! Lol! It’s an hour drive. Only separated by a river. She makes it sound like they live across the country.”
  • “Out of state lol…they say that like they are 8 states away not an hour. All these people act like an hour drive is a two day trek. H*ll, I drive an hour to go to a good nursery for plants.”
  • “They’re all full of sh*t, making excuses for not seeing family. Just excuses. It’s ridiculous.”

What happened to Zach, Tori and Audrey?

In Reddit In the chatter, they mentioned that Audrey and Tori were once close. Fans wondered why they were so distant. Other fans speculated it is like the turmoil between Jeremy and Zach that bled over into Tori and Audrey’s relationship. Fans believe that things heated up between Zach and Jeremy when they wanted a piece the Roloff Farm pie. Fans know that Matt Roloff ended up separating the two sons, claiming neither of them was serious about the work involved in owning the property.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Fans only know what they see on TV and what they see online. Unfortunately, much of what you see on TV is staged and scripted. A large time difference exists between the reality and the filming. Fans may not know the truth, so it is possible that what they believe to be true might not match up with what they think they know.

What do you think of Audrey Roloff’s words? Comment below to let us know your thoughts. Keep coming back for more LPBW.

'LPBW:' Audrey Roloff Blasted For Atrocious Lie About Zach & Tori
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