Loved Ones Mourn Innocent Bystander Shot and Killed at Cinco de Mayo Festival – Los Angeles

Friends and family are devastated after an innocent victim was killed in an attack at the Anaheim Cinco De Mayo Festival on Sunday. They mourn the loss and sacrifice of a man who tried hard to help his loved ones.

“Gil came over here, he started coming around a lot,”Fabiola Soto spoke highly of Gildardo Perrales Gracian, her best friend. “He would always bring my mom little things.”

She will always treasure those little moments, now drawings and momentos, from Gracian (her best friend, who was killed during the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Orange County).

He was always there for his loved ones.

“Let’s say, for example, if I didn’t have to eat, and he would have one plate, he would give me his plate,”Soto spoke.

Gracian was always the life of the party and Sunday night was no exception.

The 36-year old was finishing a night out with Noe Avila and his family at La Palma Park’s festival. Avila claimed that gunshots were heard as they were about leave.

“In the moment he was falling he told my son, ‘They hit me! They hit me!”Avila spoke Spanish. “And my son tried to pick him up, but we couldn’t.”

Avila claims that Gracian, who was shot by police after a fight broke out between nearby teens, was innocent.

Gracian would eventually die at the hospital.

Gracian family

Gildardo Parrales Gracian (36), was the life and soul of the party. He went above and beyond to help the people he loved. At the Anaheim Cinco de Mayo celebration, Gildardo Parrales Gracian, 36, was shot and killed. He was involved in a dispute with teenagers, and one pulled out his gun.

“I couldn’t do anything more for my friend,”Avila said it in Spanish, and it was tearful. “I feel bad because everything happened so fast. It could have happened to any one of us… sadly it happened to my friend.”

His family claims that Gracian was one of the oldest children. He arrived in the U.S. from Mexico seventeen years ago to work as a welding technician. According to his brother, he sent money home to Mexico every time he went.

“We are never going to be able to see him,”Fabian Gracian (brother), speaking Spanish. “It breaks my heart. Right here, just the memories of him is what I have left.”

Gracian was planning to return to Mexico later in the year. He was just finishing building a home there for himself, his family and friends.

“After 17 years, after not seeing her son, its unfair for us to… [His mom] is going to see him in a casket,”Soto.

Police have taken custody the 17-year old suspect in the shooting. Gracian’s relatives say they believe his punishment is appropriate.

“He killed an amazing person,”Soto spoke. “He left a mom and dad with a pain that nobody could ever fix.”



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