Love Island fans wonder why Gemma was not invited to a date with Jay and Remi.

Gemma of Love Island didn’t seem happy when she wasn’t selected for dates on Wednesday night with Jay and Remi.

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Love Island fans wondered why Gemma wasn’t chosen by the new bombshells, after Gemma’s accidental name slip-up.

Model and rapper Remi (22 years old) and Jay (28-year-old financial analyst) entered the villa last night. It seems they caused quite a stir.

Jay gave Ekin-Su and Tasha a head turn, while Paige and Indiyah were invested in Remi.

Many fans pointed out, however, that Gemma was not the one of the boys who had chosen to meet Gemma. This was quite a surprise as Gemma is a popular teenager and attracts all newcomers.

Viewers took to Twitter to speculate on the surprising turn.

Gemma Owen expected to be selected by the new boys

Some believe that the bosses told the new boys to ignore Gemma as the show is heavily focused on her. Others think that they avoided Gemma because she was too old.

One person wrote: “I feel like the new boys were told to ignore Gemma because Twitter said ‘this is not Gemma island’.”

Another: “The boys didn’t pick Gemma because she hasn’t had a convo with them it’s because the public would think they’re pedos if they did. New boys got the memo #loveisland.”

A third comment: “The new boys are trying to dodge the nonce accusations by not picking Gemma. Love that for them #Loveisland.”

Jay and Remi entered as bombshells



A fourth was added: “Lollll not Gemma thinking Luca is the reason the new boys don’t want to chat to her. Girl maybe it’s because your fresh out of sixth form.”

A fifth conclusion: “Not Gemma saying she thinks Lucas in the new boys ears putting them off cos they didn’t choose her??? Is it so mindblowing that maybe they just don’t fancy you.”

Gemma believed that the new boys would be put off chatting with her after Gemma’s argument with Luca.

She mistakenly called him Luca, her ex-boyfriend’s nickname – who arrived as a bombshell Sunday.

Jay and Ekin-Su came very close last night



Gemma said to the girls that she believed Luca was telling Jay and Remi not to get to meet her after their split.

Love Island received 167 complaints about its episode of June 7, regarding the ages of the contestants. This episode featured Gemma, 19 and Davide, 27.

There were 93 complaints received by the show for its June 12 show. Most of them related to the age of the contestants. Some of these complaints were also related to other areas.

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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